On March 23, 1995, the non-state company of the Marine Engineering Bureau was officially registered, which was created by a group of young scientists of the shipbuilding faculty of the Odesa National Maritime University (formerly the Odesa Institute of Naval Engineers) with the aim of practical application of their knowledge in the field of construction mechanics. ship and seaworthy qualities of vessels.

During its existence, the Bureau has gone from a small firm engaged exclusively in calculation tasks for the ship's hull and scientific research to the order of classification societies, to an organization that performs almost the entire range of engineering works for shipping and shipbuilding.

The development and maintenance of new technical and techno-working projects has been carried out by the Marine Engineering Bureau since May 2000, and as of the end of May 2018, 330 marine, cargo and mixed river-sea vessels were built under 96 projects. In addition to the fully completed ones, 11 more ships were created after the launch, and more than 30 ships were found on the docks of the factories.

During the existence of the Bureau, the number of full-time employees increased from 4 to 98 people, while the workforce constantly improves their qualifications with full cooperation from the side of development, creative and production activities, including the development of new and improvement of existing design technologies, development of own software products for design.