General Information

Marine Engineering Bureau

- is modern non-state design and engineering company with highly professional young team of engineers and researches, focused on development of high-quality science-based design products in the field of shipping and shipbuilding.

Our mission:

complex scientific researches and development of all types and functionalities civil vessels projects, implementation of which will allow providing of maximal economic performance for Shipowners and at the same time will be safe for navigation, people and environment.

Main activities:

  1. development of new projects of oil tankers, dry-cargo, combined, passenger, salvage and rescue, fishing, berth-connected vessels, ice-breakers, railway, car and passenger ferries, gas carriers, livestock carriers, buoy-laying / hydrographic vessels, tugs, vessels of auxiliary and technical fleet, oil and dry-cargo tug-barge trains under any classification society;
  2. development of modernization, "conversion" and renovation projects of all types civil vessels, including change of assignment, class, cargo capacity, area of navigation and ice category under any classification society;
  3. scientific researches under the order of state and private companies, including classification societies, shipping companies, cargo operators, etc.;
  4. estimation of technical condition of vessels' hulls, analysis of actual fulfillment of requirements of Classification societies, International Conventions and Flag Authorities;
  5. express - consultations and expert estimations on questions of technical operation of vessels, design and pre-design / basic studies;
  6. development of operational documentation for vessels;
  7. preparation of projects of transportations of non-standard cargoes, including super-heavy and large-sized;
  8. substantiations of one-time passages and single voyages of vessels and other floating objects;
  9. strength-based substantiations of non-standard docking of vessels with cargo and damaged hulls;
  10. calculation support of the salvage and rescue actions.

Scientific qualification, extensive experience of the particular developments, modern computer technologies and advanced infrastructure, available for employees of the Marine Engineering Bureau, allow to solve the problems arising at operation of ships qualitatively and in the most shortest terms.

Our motto remains unchanged -

"Reliability, efficiency and the European quality".