1907 t cargo capacity non-self-propelled oil tanker
for Danube River from estuary to port Regensburg, with access to Main-Rhine

Purpose - carrying of petroleum products in bulk with the flash-point greater than 60°C.

# Name Value
1. Main dimension
Length, m 76.50
Length by DWL, m 74.50
Breadth overall, m 11.02
Breadth, m 11.0
Depth, m 3.90
Air draft from BL to an upper edge
of non-removable parts (not greater than), m
2. Draught in river, m 3.0
3. Light draught on draft marks (mean), m 0.77
4. Cargo carrying capacity (about), t 1907.0
5. Number of cargo tanks 8
6. Cargo tanks capacity, m³ 2022.4
7. RS class K V2 L oil carrier (>60°C)