Passenger Ro-Ro vessel railway ferry with green engines using the green ammonia as main fuel

The vessel intended for operation on the train Ro-Pax liner service Muuga – Koverhavr – Mukran and/or Paldiski N – Koverhavr – Mukran. Baltic ice class 1A.

Purpose - transportation of railways trains 1520/1435 mm gauges on the Main cargo deck, ISO type containers (TEU and FEU) on the open area of the Weather part of the Upper deck, cargo vehicles, a minimum of 150 private cars in closed cargo spaces. There are places for accommodation a minimum of 150 drivers in 2-bed cabins and 200 passengers in 2-3-4 bed cabins (including 4 cabins for passengers with reduced mobility).

Laying of the keel Laid down Delivery Years of construction

# Name Value
1. Main dimension
Length overall, m 220.00
Length between PP, m 205.54
Breadth overall (with fenders), m 29.00
Breadth, m 28.60
Depth to Main Deck, m 9.00
Depth to Upper Deck, m 15.40
L x B x H 220.00 x 28.60 x 15.40 = 96 897
2. Draught on DWL (design), m 6.50
3. Deadweight at DWL draught (about), t 9500
4. Speed: The vessel fully loaded must be capable of maintaining a maximum speed of 24 knots (run 4 Main Engines of 4). The optimum operational speed (service speed) is 19 knots (run 2 Main Engines of 4)
5. Endurace: The vessel will operate on a fixed short haul ferry schedule and shall have sufficient fuel endurance to operate at 19 knots for a period of 65 hours in the full load condition and an additional 103 hours of manoeuvring or engine idle time within a seven day period. For range calculations, fuel required should not exceed 85% of available tank volume (Diesel or LAG). The vessel shall have a hotel endurance of seven days.
6. Number of cargo decks 2
7. Length of rails, m 1170 (7 tracks 1520/1435 mm gauges on the Main cargo deck)
8. Loading capacity for railway cars:
railcars with length between autoreplacers 14620 mm (platform, model 13-H451), units 77
9. Lane meters 2700
10. Loading capacity for vehicles: 72 semi trailers (length 16.2 m) in the closed cargo space on the Main Deck (in a case the vessel TIR loaded only without train) and 53 semi trailers on the weather deck (open area on the Upper Deck)
11. Private cars in closed cargo spaces: 94 pcs. In the Closed cargo area on the Upper Deck, 33 pcs. On the lifting car deck In the Closed cargo area of the Main Deck, 23 pcs. In the forward area of Closed cargo area on the Main Deck.
12. Loading/Discharing Arrangements: The vessel will be able loaded and discharged through the stern by a shore railway bridge on the Main deck level and Ro-Ro ramp on the Weather deck level (Two level simultaneously loading). Two internal hoistable ramps - one ramp between the Main and Weather decks and a ramp between the Main Deck and lifting car deck.
13. ISO type containers: 180 FEU or 372 TEU in 3 tiers
14. Passenger capacity: 150 drivers in 2-bed cabins and 200 passengers in 2-3-4 bed cabins (including 4 cabins for passengers with reduced mobility).
15. Compartments for drivers and passengers include the following spaces: Information desk (reception) (Deck 6, Fr.237-243)
Messroom for drivers (Deck 6, Fr.249-264 StB)
Buffet restaurant (Deck 6, Fr.249-264 PS)
Cafeteria (Deck 6, Fr.208-237 PS)
Driver’s recreation room (Deck 8, Fr.246-261)
Bar (Deck 7, Fr.274-285)
Sky Bar (Deck 10, Fr.252-274)
Shopping area (Deck 6, Fr.205-237 StB)
Children’s room (Deck 6, Fr.198-207 PS)
WC for passengers with reduced mobility and nursery (Deck 6, Fr.195-199)
Luggage lockers (cells) (Deck 7, Fr.202-210)
Conference room (Deck 7, Fr.197-210 StB)
16. Crew Accomodation: The Master, Chief Engineer, Chief navigating officer and one of the high rank officer will have cabins with sitting/office area as well as a dedicated sleeping/personal area on the Deck 9 forward part. The rest of crew and service stuff in 28 single cabins with 1 bed, sofa, shower and toilets on the Deck 9 (18 cabins including 6 officer’s cabins) and forward part of the Deck 8 (10 cabins).
17. Compartments for crew: Separate Galley and associated fridge/freezer spaces for crew (Deck 6, Fr.264-290 StB).
Officer’s Mess (Deck 6, Fr.267-273 StB)
Crew Mess (Deck 6, Fr.255-267 StB)
lounge to comfortably seat full crew complement (Deck 8, Fr.275-284)
One day head in close proximity of wheelhouse(Deck 9, Fr.269-271)
One exercise space to approximately 16 m2 (Deck 8, Fr.264-270)
Medical block (hospital) (Deck 8, Fr.246-253)
Sauna – gents and Ladies (Deck 8, Fr.261-273)
18. Main Engines: Two pairs of Main medium speed diesel engines (4 x 6870 kW) each pair works through reduction gear on one shaft line and shaft generator. Main and auxiliary engines using green fuel - Ammonia 60% + Diesel 40% fuel mixture.
20. Safe Return to Port Passenger ship systems' capabilities after a fire or flooding casualty are those required for passenger ships according to SOLAS regulations II-1/8-1, II-2/21 and II-2/22.
21. BV class I + HULL + MACH, Ro-ro passenger ship SRTP, equipped for carriage of containers, ammoniafuel dualfuel, unrestricted navigation + AVM-DPS, AUT-UMS, CLEANSHIP, ICE CLASS IA, LASHING (Baltic Sea), HEL