River floating berth - heliport


  1. mooring and berthing of ships type "OM", "Moscow", "Fontanka" and "Meteor" to embarkation and disembarkation of passengers on ships moored alongside;
  2. arrival and departure of twin-engine helicopter "AgustaWestland AW139" type (without basing), embarkation and disembarkation of helicopter passengers.

# Name Value
1. Main dimension
Length overall, m 25.40
Length, m 24.40
Breadth overall, m 17.60
Breadth, m 15.20
Depth, m 1.50
Air draft at d = 0.60 m, m 4.80
2. Draught on DWL, m 0.60
3. Design helicopter weight, t 6.40
4. Design quantity of passengers in a waiting room, pers. 90
5. RRR class ° R 1.2
6. Power-supply source harbor electric system