Oil tankers, Chemical tankers and Bunkering tankers

Project's code Maximal deadweight
(deadweight in river), t
005RST01 6444 (4726) Product tanker and IMO2 chemical tanker of "Armada Leader" type
001RST02 1131 Multipurpose tanker-bunkering tanker, "ECO Mariner - 1" type
ST03 2673 Bunkering tanker for operation in water area of Kola bay
005ROB04 5125 Non-self-propelled oil tanker
004ROB05 4324 Non-self-propelled tanker "Paloil - 1" type
RST05 3955 (2868) Chemical-product tanker "Narva" type
003RST06 3555 (2972) Oil product tanker
RST06 2703 Ship of supply and refueling of vessels in the regions providing the northern delivery
RST07 7000 (4611) Product tanker (ECO PROJECT)
ROB07 4403 Non-self-propelled tanker
RST09 2708 (2216) Chemical-product tanker IMO2 (vegetable oil) "Aston-Trader" type
RST09.02 2700 (2200) Chemical-product tanker IMO2 (vegetable oil) "Aston-Challenger" type
RST11 6586 (4677) Product tanker
RST12 7183 (5632) Product tanker
RST12C 8009 (5580) Chemical-product tanker
RST14 & RST14.01 2821 (2161) Chemical-product tanker "Roschem" type
RST14.03 2754 (2054) Chemical-product tanker "Roschem-2" type
RST17 3705 (3415) Chemical-product tanker (IMO type 3)
ROB17 1267 Non-self-propelled tanker-chemical tanker "Nerida" type
RT18 517 Tanker-fueler
ST19 4320 (3270) Product tanker "Kazan" type
ST20 10500 Tanker-bunker for marine bunkering of vessels with heavy and light grades of fuel
ROB20 6000 Non-self-propelled tanker O 2,0 navigation area "Belmax" type
ROB21 2555 Small draught non-self-propelled river tanker
ROB21A 2490 Shallow-draft non-self-propelled combination (dry-cargo/oil) barge
ST21 8380 Chemical-product tanker IMO2
RST22 7008 (4611) Chemical-product tanker IMO2 (ECO PROJECT) "New Armada" type
RST22M 7114 (4717) Chemical-product tanker IMO2 (ECO PROJECT) "Mubariz Ibrahimov" type
RST22TP 7014 (4617) Chemical-product tanker IMO2
RST25 6710 (5229) Product tanker "Alexandr Shemagin" type
RST26 4560 (2787) Product/bunker tanker for raid supply of vessels
RST27 7030 (5428) Product tanker "VF Tanker" type
RST27M 7902 (5363) Product tanker
RST28 7096 (5377) Product tanker/bunker for transportation of petroleum products without restriction of temperature of flash-point and bunkering of vessels with heavy and light grades of fuel
ST33 9000 Multipurpose supply tanker
RST34 7872 (5065) Combination carrier (oil-product-chemical tanker / dry cargo vessel)
RST54 5745 Combined dry-cargo open-deck vessel / tanker
RT63 2064 Small draught self-propelled tanker-pushers
RT63+ROB21 4619 Shallow-draft oil-cargo vessel train for East basin rivers
RT63A 2003 Shallow-draft self-propelled (dry-cargo/tanker) open-deck vessel-pushers
RT63A+ROB21A 4493 Shallow-draft combination (dry-cargo/tanker) vessel train for East basin rivers
1557/550A (modernization) 6654 (4780) Tanker - product-carrier "Mechanik Voronkov" type
1635T 1907 Non-self-propelled tanker for river Danube from estuary to port Regensburg, river Main Rhine
1635TM 2059 Non-self-propelled river oil tanker
630 5704 (4511) Chemical-product tanker IMO2 (vegetable oil) "Mechanic Khachepuridze" type
The deadweight in the river corresponds to the deadweight in fresh water at a draft of 3.60 m
(or the largest for this project, if it is less than 3.60 m)