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31.03.16 19:07
Marine Engineering Bureau has won a nomination "Fleet renewal 2015" in National Marine Rating of Ukraine

According to the report made by publisher "Ports of Ukraine" for National marine rating of Ukraine (rating has been held for the 9th time), Marine Engineering Bureau has been considered as a winner in the nomination "Fleet Renewal 2015". Marine Engineering Bureau was awarded as a domestic design company by which projects there were built the most of the vessels of different types at NIS in the last year.
During 2015 the 20 new vessels were built and put into operation upon the projects of Marine Engineering Bureau (10 tankers, 3 combined vessels, 2 multipurpose 7 MW salvage icebreakers, 2 ecologic river tanker vessel, multipurpose 4 MW salvage vessel with Arc 5 class, river floating berth - heliport, marine floating berth).
The total deadweight of the built vessels was over 92.5 thousand tons:
2 Multipurpose 7MW salvage icebreakers with icebreaker6 class of MPSV06 prj. ("Nordic Yards Wismar GmbH", Wismar, Germany);
1 Multipurpose 4MW salvage vessel with Arc5 ice class of MPSV07 prj. (Nevskiy Shipyard, Shlisselburg);
7 Chemical-product tankers of RST22M prj. for Palmali Group of Companies (Malta);
3 unique combined platform tankers with a record river deadweight 5745 tons of RST54 project of "Balt Flot" type (Oka Shipyard, Navashino).
The British Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) included the RST54 prj. in the Significant Ships list in 2014.
3 "superfat" oil/chemical tankers of RST27 prj. ("Krasnoe Sormovo", Nizhniy Novgorod).
The British Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) included the RST27 prj. in the Significant Ships list twice (in 2012 and 2013).
2 river ecological tankers of RT29 prj. (Sosnovska Shipyard);
1 river floating berth - heliport of RHP01 prj. (Nevskiy Shipyard, Shlisselburg);
1 marine floating berth of SB02 prj. (Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod, Bor).
The awarding of the rating winners took place during a solemn ceremony on the 31st of March 2016.