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30.11.06 11:21
MEB service ERS (Emergency Response Service) started to function

Revised Annex I of MARPOL 73/78 is going to enter into force on the 1st of January. 2007. Rule 37.4 of this Annex specifies that all oil tankers of 5000 tons deadweight or more shall have prompt access to computerized, shore-based damage stability and residual structural strength calculation programs.
Such Emergency Response Service (ERS MEB) was created by Marine Engineering Bureau. It will be operated since 01.01.07. ERS MEB has at its disposal a set of software complexes that allows to carry out damage stability and residual structural strength calculations and estimations of oil leakage during collisions, groundings, construction breakages, fires, explosions etc. when emergency alternation of loading and/or hull loading ability take place.
Following programs are used by ERS service: "Sigment - MEB", "Sigma - MEB", "Elbrus - MEB", "SHIP.03-06", "Dialog - Statik", "ISPA" program packages with actual SR Certificates.
MEB ERS has Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Type Approval Certificate No. 06.02627.010 dated 30.11.2006 ERS MEB works twenty-four-hour without days off.
ERS MEB uses special dedicated communication channels.
The head of ERS was appointed Alexander Nilva, doctor of philosophy, leading MEB specialist, with real considerable experience of emergency service.
ERS group consists of: specialist from seagoing properties group, specialist from strength group, design engineer and systems programmer.
At the present time contract of ERS servicing for Palmali group vessels is concluded.
According to the results of ERS MEB calculations guidelines for the master are worked out. Guidelines content is from survivability fighting and decreasing of possible damages recommendations till composition of tug convoy for emergency tugging.
ERS data base was made up to fulfill these functions. Data base was made for specific vessels, including early entered theoretical hulls and compartments, typical sections, strength building characteristics, typical loading conditions.
For the every vessel operative documents (special ERS folder) is worked out. Folder includes following positions:
1) declaration about vessel's entering into ERS MEB;
 2) vessel's instruction due to interaction with ERS;
 3) control examples;
 4) typical message forms: ERS Emergency Call, ERS Damage Report, Loading Condition Report.
Durability of ERS group reaction for emergency call does not exceed 2 hours from call moment.
ERS MEB contact information:
tel.: +380 50 3998888
 fax: +380 48 7480255