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27.01.16 21:00
SDS08 multifunctional marine diving vessel "Uglich" participated in firefighting at "Nardiz" dry cargo vessel

According to information from press-service of the Marine Salvage Service of Rosmorrechflot, on 27.01.2016 SDS08 marine diving vessel (MDV) "Uglich" participated in firefighting at "Nardiz" dry cargo vessel, which was at 128.9 km of Volgo-Caspian Marine Shipping Canal was effecting voyage from Astrakhan port to Enzeli port with 2256 t of general cargo onboard.
Due to the information, a signal from the Operational Officer on Duty of Marine Rescue Coordination Center of Astrakhan about fire onboard Iran dry-cargo vessel "Nardiz" came to the Caspian Branch of the FBE Marine Salvage Service of Rosmorrechflot at 06.15. SDS08 marine diving vessel "Uglich" with emergency-rescue team and firefighting and water-pumping equipment onboard were directed for fire extinguishing and emergency vessel's assistance. MDV "Uglich" sailed under conveyance of ice-breaker.
At 09.30 SDS08 MDV "Uglich" arrived to the region of the emergency vessel. Rescue team from the salvage vessel reconnoitered the place of fire and set fire defensive barrier in adjacent compartments. In the result of competent and quick actions of the firefighting team, the fire on the emergency vessel "Nardiz" was localized and extinguished. Medical aid and evacuation were proposed to the crew of mv "Nardiz" by salvors. "Nardiz" crew refused the aid because of no suffered people.
Water pollution of the Volgo-Caspian Canal was avoided.
This moment SDS08 MDV "Uglich" is pumping out water from mv "Nardiz"; after completeing the emergency vessel is going to be towed to the "Olya" marine port.
SDS08 MDV "Uglich" was built at Yaroslavl Shipyard in 2010 due to order of FSUE "State Customer Management of Maritime Transport Development Programs" of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation.
SDS08 prj. was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
SDS08 marine diving vessel has Ice 2 class, inclined stem and transom aft end, long forecastle, deckhouse located fore. Vessel also has engine room located aft, diesel main engines, two controllable-pitch propellers and bow thruster. Her principal dimensions are as follows:
Length overall is 38.35 m;
Length between perpendiculars is 36.35 m;
Breadth overall is about 7,92 m;
Breadth (due waterline) is 7.70 m;
Design draught is 2.35 m;
Full speed is 12 kn.;
Economical speed is 8 kn.;
Main engines capacity is 2 x 442 kW;
Autonomy is 5 days.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class is KM Ice 2 R2 AUT3-C OMBO SDS>100.
Project considerably differs from existing similar vessels:
1. Diving equipment, mounted on vessel, allows carrying out diving and underwater works on depth till 100 m. There are no analogues of such equipment at existing vessels that are operated by State Maritime Salvage Department of RF.
2. Vessel can carry out fire extinguishing on other vessels and floating objects using two mechanical-foam stream nozzles.
3. Vessel is equipped by tug winch that allows carrying out tugging functions.
4. Vessel will provide oil spill response functions if boom and skimmer are placed onboard.
5. Vessel's characteristics and special equipment provide carrying out of diving salvage operations during sea state up to 3, and vessel can sail to the salvage place while waves' height is 7 m.
6. Two main high-speed engines with capacity of 442 kW each provide required vessel's running qualities, work to the variable-pitch propellers. Bow thruster with capacity of 120 kW is mounted for vessel's keeping at place of operational works.
7. Up-to-date remote-controlled underwater apparatus allow inspection of a sea-bottom, underwater part of ships' hull and rudder propellers of vessels, underwater part of waterside structures on depth till 100 m.
8. Equipment for underwater welding on depth till 25 m and underwater cutting on depth till 100 m is used for salvage operations, repair of underwater part of vessels, repair of hydraulic structures, carrying out of rescue operations. In addition, cargo lifting equipment allows lifting objects of weight till 2.0 t from depth till 100 m.
9. Vessel carries out water pumping from wrecking vessel's compartments and also pontoon air blow during participation in re-floating.
Diving equipment consists of:
• pressure chamber for 4 divers;
• diving half-cone with control board;
• diving equipment with SUPERLITE helmet and DESCO ventilate helmet;
• diving equipment of universal "dry" type;
• divers' water-heater facilities;
• communication facilities;
• underwater illumination facilities;
• underwater television;
• underwater welding/cutting;
• hydraulic tools;
• pumping facilities;
• soil man facilities;
• remote-controlled underwater apparatus;
• diving ladder.
Thereby, unique combination of equipment mounted on vessel, and also high-powered power plant allows carrying out almost any specialized works related to diving-technical works on depth till 100 m. In addition vessel can carry out fire extinguishing on other vessels using two mechanical-foam stream nozzles with capacity of 180 cub.m. per hour and carry out tug functions (ground-mooring-tug winch with force of 7 tons is mounted aft), pump water out from compartment of wrecking vessel, participate into oil spill operations. Such combination of functions is unique for vessel with length of 38 m only.
Keel of the lead SDS08 vessel "Stolniy Grad Yaroslavl" (building No. is 201) was laid down on 28.08.2009. Vessel was launched on 12.08.2010. She was accepted for operation on 25.10.2010.
Keel of the second vessel "Rostov Velikiy" (building No. is 202) was laid down on 09.03.2010. She was launched on 21.04.2011 and accepted for operation on 30.05.2011.
Keel of the third vessel "Uglich" (building No. is 203) was laid down on 16.03.2010. She was launched on 24.05.2011 and accepted for operation on 07.08.2011.
Keel of the fourth vessel "Rybinsk" (building No. is 204) was laid down on 09.08.2011. She was launched on 19.06.2012 and accepted for operation on 15.08.2012.