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12.12.15 12:56
MEB is awarded by honorary diploma for "Actuality and professionalism of exhibit" at IX International Exhibition "Transport of Russia-2015"

On 05.12.2015 at the IX International Exhibition "Transport of Russia" that took place within event "Transport Week-2015" in the Moscow at the exhibition complex "Gostinniy Dvor", Marine Engineering Bureau was awarded by honorary diploma for "Actuality and professionalism of exhibit".
296 sea-going, river-sea going and river vessels were built due to 82 projects designed by Marine Engineering Bureau for the period from 2000. Moreover, 8 vessels are under finished building stage after launching and 19 vessels are on building berths of shipyards.
The mostly significant series of new generation vessels built due to Marine engineering Bureau projects were introduced on the stand.
They included:
• MPSV07 multifunctional 4 MW ice salvage vessels of "Spasatel Karev" type (Neva Shipyard, 2012-2015, 4 vessels);
• RST27 "super fat" river-sea tankers with river/sea deadweight 5420/7020 t of "VF Tanker" type (Oka Shipyard, Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard, Kherson Shipyard, 2012-2015, 32 vessels);
• 005RST01, RST22 and RST22M river-sea tankers of "Armada" and "New Armada" types (Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard, Armada Shipyard, Ada Shipyard, Selah Shipyard, Turkter Shipyard, Besictas Shipyard, 2002-2015, 30 vessels);
• RSD44 dry cargo river-sea vessels with lowered air draught with deadweight 5500 t of Stalingrad's Heroes type (Oka shipyard, 2010-2012, 10 vessels);
• RSD49 dry cargo river-sea vessels with special cargo hold for long project cargoes of "Volga-Neva" type (Neva Shipyard, Lotos Shipyard, 2012-2014, 9 vessels);
• RST54 combined tanker / dry-cargo vessels with deadweight 5700 t of "Balt Flot" type (Oka shipyard, 2014-2015, 4 vessels);
• SDS08 multifunctional marine diving vessels of "Stolniy Grad Yaroslavl" type (Yaroslavl Shipyard, 2010-2012, 4 vessels);
• DCV47 ro-ro supply vessels with ability of unloading onto unequipped shore of "Sosnovka" type (Sosnovka Shipyard, 2011-2012, 4 vessels);
• 005RSD03 dry cargo river-sea vessels of "Kareliya" type (Onega Shipyard, 2005-2010, 12 vessels);
• 003RSD04 dry cargo coasters with modifications of "Caspian Express" type (Cheksan Shipyard, Gelibolu Shipyard, 2004-2010, 12 vessels);
• RST25 river-sea tankers with river/sea deadweight 5230/6710 t of "Alexander smenagin" type (Brothers Nobel Shipyard, Zelenodolsk Shipyard, 2012-2013, 5 vessels);
• TG04 and TG04M icebreaking tug boats of "Portoviy" type (Nishegorodskiy Teplokhod" type, 2008-2012, 4 vessels);
• RT18 bunkering tankers of "Rassvet" type (Yaroslavl Shipyard, 2014, 3 vessels)
and other projects.