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20.11.15 18:49
Solemn ceremonies on the occasion of 85th anniversary of Odessa National Maritime University (aka OIIMF, aka Odessa Vodniy)

On 20.11.2015 solemn ceremonies on the occasion of 85th anniversary of university's creation were held in Odessa National Maritime University (aka Odessa Institute of Marine Fleet Engineers, aka Odessa Vodniy).
Round-table conference "Cooperation of science, education and business as development basis of marine economic complex was carried out with active participation of field's experts. In the friendly communication of graduated colleagues of Odessa Vodniy, accumulated problems concerning the approaches to the special maritime shore education, training of young specialists, organization of practices and the distribution of graduates were discussed. Participators of this meeting are as follows: Anatoliy Urbanskiy (the Chairman of Odessa Regional Council), Sergey Rudenko (the Rector of the University), Anatoliy Shakhov (professor of the University), Taget Gurbanov (the Technical Director of the Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company), Rostislav Merkt (the First vice-rector of the University), Vladimir Zaporazhan (the Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company (UDSC)), Oleg Mudrachenko (the Director of Kiliya Shipyard), Sergei Nikulin (the Director of ChernomorNiiProekt), Gennadiy Egorov (the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the University, the General Director of Marine Engineering Bureau) and other. The specialist from UDSC Oleg Korniets introduced report "Prospects of the river fleet development".
Historical information. The University has started its history from June, 1930 as the Odessa Institute of Water Transport Engineers (aka OIIVT). In 1945 the Institute was renamed to the Odessa Institute of Marine Fleet Engineers (aka OIIMF). In 1994 the Institute was renamed to the Odessa State Maritime University (aka OGMU).In 2002 the University was granted the status of National University (aka ONMU).
The university has seven faculties and two departments. The faculties are as follows: Shipbuilding, Ship Engineering, Port Engineering, Water Transport and Shelf Facilities, Transport Technologies and Systems, Economics and Management, Law. Departments are: postgraduate education and professional development, pre-university educational training of youth.
418 lecturers, including 59 doctors and professors and 210 candidates of sciences (PhD) and docents work in 33 faculties of the University.
This University staff includes also honored colleagues, as follows: 35 academicians and corresponding members of branch Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, 6 honored figures of Higher School of Ukraine, 10 honored figures of other different branches, 2 laureates of State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology. More than 70% of the university's faculties, including the graduate ones, are headed by professors or doctors of science. More than 5000 students are learned in the University.