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09.09.15 20:36
PV08 cruise passenger vessel "Alexander Grin" departed from Moscow towards Rostov-on-Don for the first time: small draught's advantage

As to information of site, PV08 passenger vessel "Alexander Grin" owned by Moscow Tourist Fleet Company, departed from Moscow towards Rostov-on-Don and back. Cruise should be lasted 22 days (from 4th till 25th of September, 2015). Vessel should have stops in Myshkin, Kostroma, Ples, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Usovk and Volgograd during running forward towards Rostov-on-Don. During the back voyage tourists should visit Konstantinovsk, Ilevka, for once more time Volgograd, Saratov, Vinnovka, Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary, for once more time Nizhniy Novgorod, then Gorodetc, Yaroslavl and Uglich.
Firstly it was planned to use mv "Mikhail Bulgakov" for this voyage, but due to low-water problem of Volga River there was no possibility to pass limitation region Gorodets - Balakhna by 4-deck vessels. So the initial vessel was replaced by new PV08 vessel with smaller draught (1.6 - 1.7 m).
PV08 vessel "Alexander Grin" was built at Brothers Nobel Shipyard (Rybinsk) in 2011-2012; shipyard is included in Moscow River Steamship Group of Companies (Constantine Anisimov is a general director). Vessel was accepted for operation on 09.06.2012.
Moscow River Steamship Company built vessel by leasing program with the participation of the lessor JSC "Gosznak-leasing".
Project PV08 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Vessel is assigned for transporting cruise passengers through waterways of RF European part in basins of "M" class, including Ladoga and Onega lakes and also through river segments with limited dimensions of vessel's navigation pass. Vessel's draught (for summer free board) is 1.70 m.
Vessel's class notation is M 3,0.
Vessel is triple-deck, triple-screw motor ship with overall length of 90,4 m, breadth of 14,76 m, with three-level superstructure along whole vessel's length (air draft till non-removable parts is of 10.4 m while vessel's draught is of 1,6 m), with ER located aft, with wheelhouse located fore, with double bottom, with inclined stem and transom stern.
56 standard double-place cabins with area of 14.5-18 sq. m and 6 improved "Deluxe" cabins with area of 23-25 sq. m are intended for allocation of 112 passengers.
Passenger accommodation is located onto 3 decks: "Moscow" (main deck), "Volga" (middle deck) and "Neva" (boat deck).
All passenger cabins are equipped with double beds, lavatory and douche, air-conditioner, wardrobe, safe, TV set with satellite and internal vessel's channels, hairdryer, sockets 220V, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), vessel's radio translation, external and internal telephone connection.
Cabins onto "Neva" and "Volga" decks are with balconies. Balconies are equipped with removable partitions that provide free deck passage along whole vessel at emergency.
There are restaurant with area of 281 sq. m for 150 places located onto "Moskva" deck, salon with bar with area 221 sq. m for 65 places, gym, massage room, hairdresser's and dispensary.
Conditioning, water supply and ventilation satisfies conditions of 4* hotel. Passenger elevator connects all decks of the ship. Large open upper deck with lounges is foreseen for tourists' full relax and rest.
New up-to-date engines and equipment, facilities of radio navigation, control and automation provide safe vessel's operation during any conditions, including voyages at Ladoga and Onega lakes.
Vessel's cruising speed was of 22 km per hour during running test. Three main engines (low-speed diesels) with capacity of 337 kWt each were produced at Russian engineering plant OJSC "Zavod "Volzhskiy dizel im. Maminykh".
Rudder/propeller complex consists of 3 fixed pitch propellers and 3 streamlined rudders with controllable flaps (Bekker type rudders). Bow thruster with capacity of 207 kW is foreseen for increasing of low speed controllability during passing locks and during mooring.
Power plant consists of 3 diesel-generators with capacity of 300 kW each and emergency diesel-generators with capacity of 59 kW.
Crew and maintenance staff (62 persons) is located in single, double and three-place cabins (into vessel's hull) and onto fore parts of main and boat decks.
Lifesaving gear consists of two motor life boats with capacity of 14 persons each and 6 inflatable self-recovering life rafts with capacity of 25 persons each.
Vessel satisfies an increased ecological safety standard. Closed sewage and domestic water systems are foreseen. All sewage and domestic waters are forwarded to collector tanks. There is also sewage water treatment plant with capacity of 90 cub. m per day.