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22.08.15 16:04
Multifunction BLV02 buoy laying vessel "Ladozhsky" was modernized for effecting salvage functions at Ladoga Lake

FBE "Volgo-Balt Administration" accomplished modernization of multifunction BLV02 buoy laying vessel "Ladozhsky" for effecting salvage functions at Ladoga Lake.
The trial tests of the modernized vessel were successfully completed on 20.08.2015. Tests took place at the Ladoga Lake and included towage of full loaded barge of 81200 prj.
Modernization project was carried out by Marine Engineering Bureau; it foreseen adding salvage vessel's functions to the functions of the buoy laying vessel:
• search and rescue of vessels in distress;
• towage of emergency vessels and objects to the place of refuge;
• towage of dry cargo non-self-propelled vessels, floating objects and facilities.
An automatic electro-hydraulic towing winch of 16 t pulling effort was arranged on the poop deck of m/v "Ladozhsky" in order to provide towing activity.
The winch has 300 m capacity drum for steel wire rope and automatic rope layer. Shifting of tow line is restricted by two rollers and towing chock pipe placed above transom plate.
The winch is able to be operated either remotely from the wheel house or from local control station.
M/v "Ladozhsky" showed fine manoeuvrability and proved theoretical stability parameters when carrying out towing operation.
BLV02 buoy laying vessel after modernization is assigned for carrying following operations out:
• conditional control of the fairway over internal waterways and port areas;
• conditional control of fairway navigational protection and working of buoys' lights;
• arrangement and removal of signs, and also their moving due to change of fairway borders;
• service of navigational conditions signs and repair of the appropriate equipment;
• search and rescue of vessels in distress;
• towage of emergency vessels and objects to the place of refuge;
• towage of dry cargo non-self-propelled vessels, floating objects and facilities.
Sailing regions are of Russian inland waterways with limitations; marine regions are established according to M-SP 3.5 navigation area.
Vessel is steel, with single deck, self-propelled, twin-screw, with a forecastle and poop, with transom stern, with work deck at midship which allows to place simultaneously 4 BMS buoys, with aft arrangement of ER and deckhouse, with cargo crane that ensures buoys operating.
Vessels' characteristics are as follows:
Overall length is about 47.00 m;
Length between perpendiculars is of 40.49 m;
Overall breadth is of 10.50 m;
Breadth DWL is of 9.70 m;
Depth at midship is of 3.50 m;
Draught (DWL/maximum) is of 2.0/2.5 m;
Cruising speed is of 11.8 kn;
Autonomy is of 15 days.
RRR class notation is of: M-SP 3.5 (ice 40) A.
Two full-circle rudder propellers (RP) SRR 440 FP with capacity of 2x588 kWt are used as movement and manoeuvre units. Fixed pitch propellers are in nozzles with diameter of 1.45 m.
Energy to the RP unit is transferred through Z-gear from two MAN high-speed diesels with capacity of 588 kWt each.
Cargo hydraulic crane with lifting capacity of 8 tons and boom of 10,0 m is used for ensuring main vessels' functions, as follows: taking out, mounting and service of navigation floating buoys. Crane can be operated during sea roughness up to 3 without loss of lifting capacity with maximal boom reach.
Dropping the anchors from the deck during buoy mounting is carried out by 3 t raisers.
A workboat is used for floating navigation buoys' servicing.
Crew consists of 12 people. Officers are arranged at single module cabins with individual water closets, other crew members are arranged at single and double cabins with washstands. Single cabins for supervisors/inspectors are foreseen.
The keel of the lead vessel "Ladozhsky" of BLV02 project (building No. is of 902) was laid down on 15.03.12. She was launched on 25.04.13 and put into operation on 10.07.13.
The keel of the second vessel "Buran" of BLV02 project (building No. is of 903) was laid down on 07.08.12. She was launched on 04.06.13 and put into operation on 29.08.13.