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04.08.15 16:05
"Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod" launched the head mooring floating unit of SB02 prj

On 04.08.2015 OJSE "Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod" Shipyard" (Vladimir Prudyus is a general director) launched double-sectional floating berth of SB02 prj. (building No. is 1201); SB02 berth is under construction according to the order of FBE "Marine Salvage Service of RosMorRechFlot" (Andrey Khaustov is a head). The building contract was signed on 31.03.2015; keel was laid down on 05.05.2015.
SB02 prj. was designed by Marine engineering Bureu.
Supervision is carried out by Nizhniy Novgorod Branch of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS).
The head SB02 mooring floating unit is assign for placing in the zone of the Azov-Black Sea Branch of FBE "Marine Salvage Service of RosMorRechFlot". It is a floating berth that consists of two steel pontoons connected by swivel. The berth is fixed at place by mooring anchors; there is transport bridge towards the coast. The bert is equipped with engineering lines.
The mooring unit is intended for the following functions:
• providing staying at the protected water area and maintenance any type of vessels with deadweight up to 5000 t and draught up to 6 m;
• supplying vessels with electricity, water, fuel oil and other stores;
• carrying out repairing and preventive repairing works for vessel's mechanisms, systems and gears.
The mooring unit is designed for RS class notation K Berth-connected ship Pontoon.
The main particulars of the berth are as follows:
Length 73.00 m;
Length of the transport bridge 5.00 m;
Breadth overall 8.60 m;
Depth 2.20 m;
Draught maximal 0.98 m;
Working area of the deck 414 sq.m;
After placing the berth is fixed by seabed mooring anchors; weight of single mooring anchor is not less than 32290 kg. Anchors are connected to the berth by chains; additional weights are used depending to the water depth.
Single-column and double column bitts are mounted on the mooring unit for providing mooring operations. A protector is foreseen along the birth's perimeter in the form of 3 rows of timber 200 x 200 mm guardrail.
Corresponding transit pipelines and hoses are provided onboard the berth for transfer diesel oil and fresh water for served vessels.
Stationary fire main and foam fire extinguishing systems are foreseen for providing fire safety of the moored vessels.
The fire main pipeline is used by foam fire extinguishing system for feeding water solution of foam concentrate to the hand air-foam nozzle through fire hydrants.
The water screen system is foreseen for protection the berth against thermal influence of the fire object (vessel). Water feeding to the system is carried out by the fire main system. Arrangement of the nozzles provides uniform water spray along the while screen.
Fire main system is served by three electric self-priming pumps with capacity of 65 cub.m / h each that are placed in the pump room within base pontoon.
Electric feeding is provided from a shore system by three-phase voltage 400 V, 50 Hz for power consumers and 230 V 50 Hz for lighting.
Lighting of the deck of the berth is carried out by stationary searchlights.
Service of the berth is carried out by shore crews.
The keel of head SB02 berth (building No. 1201) was laid down on 05.05.2015. She was launched on 04.08.2015.