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30.07.15 13:12
Anniversary of Yaroslavl Shipyard

On 30.06.2015 the Yaroslavl Shipyard (Svetlana Chekalova is a general director, LLE "VP FINSUDPROM" is a managing company) celebrates its 95th anniversary.
For the time since 1920, Yaroslavl Shipyard has built hundreds of vessels and ship; its activity made it well known not only in Russia but also abroad.
Now the shipyard occupies the position of the one of the leading Russian shipyards that build floating objects till 2400 t displacement.
There are seven vessels (SDS08 and RT18 prjs.) designed by Marine Engineering Bureau among ones built by the shipyard in 2010 and later.
Four marine diving boats were built by order of FSUE "State Customer Management of Maritime Transport Development Programs" of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation. These vessels were included into the fleet of the FBE "Marine Salvage Service of RosMorRechFlot".
Project considerably differs from existing similar vessels:
1. Diving equipment, mounted on vessel, allows carrying out diving and underwater works at depth till 100 m. There are no analogues of such equipment onboard existing vessels that are operated by State Maritime Salvage Department of RF;
2. Vessel can carry out fire extinguishing on other vessels and floating objects using two mechanical-foam stream nozzles;
3. Vessel is equipped by towing winch that allows fulfilling towing functions;
4. Vessel will provide oil spill response functions if boom and skimmer are placed onboard;
5. Vessel's characteristics and special equipment provide carrying out of diving salvage operations during sea state up to 3, and vessel can run to the salvage operation place while waves' height is up to 7 m;
6. Two main high-speed engines with capacity of 442 kW each together with controllable-pitch propellers provide required vessel's running qualities. Bow thruster with capacity of 120 kW is foreseen for vessel's keeping at place of operational works;
7. Up-to-date remote-controlled underwater apparatus allow to inspect of a sea-bottom, underwater part of ships' hull and rudder-propeller unit, also underwater part of waterside structures at depth till 100 m;
8. Equipment for underwater welding at depth till 25 m and underwater cutting at depth till 100 m is used for salvage operations, repair of underwater part of vessels, repair of hydraulic structures, carrying out of rescue operations. In addition, cargo lifting equipment allows to lift objects of weight till 2.0 t from depth till 100 m;
9. Vessel carries out water pumping from wrecking vessel's compartments and also pontoon air blow during participation in re-floating.
Unique combination of equipment mounted on vessel, and also high-powered power plant allows carrying out almost any specialized works related to diving-technical works at depth till 100 m. In addition vessel can carry out fire extinguishing for other vessels using two mechanical-foam stream nozzles with capacity of 180 cub.m/h and carry out towing functions (anchor-mooring-towing winch with pull effort of 7 tons is mounted aft), pump water out from compartment of wrecking vessel, participate into oil spill operations. Such combination of functions is unique for vessel with length of 38 m only.
Keel of the lead SDS08 vessel "Stolniy Grad Yaroslavl" (building No. is 201) was laid down on 28.08.2009. Vessel was launched on 12.08.2010. She was accepted for operation on 25.10.2010.
Keel of the second SDS08 vessel "Rostov Velikiy" (building No. is 202) was laid down on 09.03.2010. She was launched on 21.04.2011 and accepted for operation on 30.05.2011.
Keel of the third SDS08 vessel "Uglich" (building No. is 203) was laid down on 16.03.2010. She was launched on 24.05.2011 and accepted for operation on 07.08.2011.
Keel of the fourth SDS08 vessel "Rybinsk" (building No. is 204) was laid down on 09.08.2011. She was launched on 19.06.2012 and accepted for operation on 15.08.2012.
Three RT18 bunker tankers of 526 t deadweight with high Ice category Ice 30 were put into operation by the shipyard in 2014 by the order of for Federal State Department "Rechvodput'" of Federal Agency of Marine and River Transport of RF Ministry of Transport. They were forwarded to basin administrations of inland waterways.
New bunkering tanker is designed for cargo operations with petroleum products with a flash point more than 60° C; cargo may be loaded/unloaded from/to shore or another vessel. Transportation of diesel oil and lubricating oil (with viscosity of 50 Cst at 50°C) is foreseen.
Cargo system provides closed cargo receiving by shore equipment and cargo discharge by vessel's submersible pumps. The system provides cargo operations for loading and unloading simultaneously of 4 cargo varieties, e.g. two types of diesel oil and two types of lubricating oil.
Keel of the lead RT18 vessel "Tanker-3" (building No 10901) was laid on 13.03.2013. She was launched on 26.06.14 and accepted for operation on 19.09.2014.
Keel of the second RT18 vessel "Rassvet" (building No 10902) was laid on 03.05.2013. She was launched on 05.08.14 and accepted for operation on 23.10.2014.
Keel of the third RT18 vessel "Pyatimorsk" (building No 10903) was laid on 10.10.2013. She was launched on 09.09.14 and accepted for operation on 20.11.2014.