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06.06.15 09:09
Neva Shipyard put into operation RHP01 river heliport pontoon

Neva shipyard (Evgeniy Kuznetsov is a general director) put into operation RHP01 river multipurpose floating berth "Victoriya Regiya" (building No. 301).
RHS-Holding ("Russian Helicopter Systems") is a Customer.
RHP01 project is designed by Marine Engineering Bureau together with Constructer-Technologic Department of Neva Shipyard.
RHP01 river floating heliport berth is arranged near Krasnokholmsk Embankment in Moscow; she is single-hull berth-connected type vessel with raised heliport, waiting room and auxiliary spaces.
The floating berth is intended for providing of:
• mooring and berthing for "OM", "Moscow", "Fontanka" and "Meteor" type vessels;
• embarkation and disembarkation of passengers from/to moored vessels;
• landing and takeoff of twin-engine helicopter (without basing) with maximal weight of 6.4 t; embarkation/disembarkation of helicopter's passengers;
• passengers' (up to 90 people) waiting for access to the vessel.
The floating berth is designed for RRR class notation: R 1.2.
Main particulars are, as follows:
length of 24.40 m;
breadth of 15.20 m;
depth of 1.50 m;
draught of 0.60 m;
air draught of 4.80 m.
The following aviation technical means are foreseen for helicopter landing onto floating berth:
• heliport that meets ICAO requirements;
• control and helicopter communication post;
• lighting equipment;
• fire-fighting equipment.
Cross-shaped twin-column bitt are foreseen on the floating berth for mooring providing; also 12 vertical rubber fenders (300 mm diameter, 800 mm length) are arranged as a protection.
There is lifeline arranged along floating berth' perimeter at the waterline level. Guard railing on the pontoons deck is made form the stainless pipes.
Glass cover of the waiting room and control post are made of hardened glass panes with enhanced reflex characteristics mounted onto aluminium skeleton. Glass panes together with thermal insulation and conditioning system provides passengers' comfort occurrence in the waiting room whole outdoor air temperature is up to +35°C.
Electric power feeding (three-phase, 380V, 50 Hz) is foreseen from shore. Lighting equipment feeding such as communication feeding is provided by accumulator batteries at emergency situation.
9.6 kW portable auxiliary diesel-generator is placed onto open deck. It is equipped with all-weather case and is used as reserve electric power source if shore feeding is switched off.