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05.06.15 10:35
Sosnovka Shipyard forwarded for running trials two RT29 ecological vessels

On 04.06.2015 Sosnovka Shipyard (Murat Duguzhev is a general director) forwarded for running trials two RT29 ecological vessels "Ecolog - 1" and "Onezhets BBK" (building Nos. 10601 and 10602).
Laying keels of two RT29 ecological vessels "Ecolog - 1" and "Onezhets BBK" (building Nos. 10601 and 10602) was carried out on 20.12.2012. Launching was carried out on14.05.15. Accepting for operation is expecting on 16.06.15. Krasnoyarsk is a home port of vessel "Ecolog - 1". Povenets is a home port of vessel "Onezhets BBK".
FSE "RechVodPut" of Maritime and River Fleet Federal Agency of RF Transport Ministry is a Customer.
RT29 project is designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
The ecological vessel is intended for intaking and discharging sewage and oily waters polluted by oil with flash point not lower than 60°C, and dry garbage.
Navigation area consists of inland waterways of Russia according to O 2.0 navigation area.
Vessel is self-propelled, single deck, twin-screw, with forecastle and poop, with transom aft body, with ME and deck-house located aft, with double bottom and double sides, with trunk in cargo tanks area, with fore bow thruster.
Vessel main particulars are as follows:
Length overall is about 43.00 m;
Length between perpendiculars is 41.98 m;
Breadth overall is about 7.92 m;
Breadth due to DWL is 7.50 m;
Depth is 2.10 m;
Scantling draught is 1.65 m;
Autonomy is 7 days;
Deadweight is 207 t;
Sewage tanks capacity is 129 cub.m;
Oily water tanks capacity is 54 cub.m;
Number of tanks (sewage/oily water) is 3 ones (2/1);
Ballast water tanks capacity is 198 cub.m;
Cargo pumps capacity is 50 cub.m/h for each pump;
Vessel's speed is about 18.0 km/h;<
RRR Class notation is of O 2.0 (ice 20) A.
There are 2 FPP and 2 balance hanging rudders ensuring a certified speed and controllability of the ship in the aft of the ship. Transverse thruster with 45 kW fixed pitch propeller is installed in order to improve the controllability at low speeds, during passing narrows and at mooring operations.
The main power plant consists of two diesel engines with the maximal continuous rate of 208 kW each.
Electro-hydraulics steering machine is used as a steering gear.
Hydraulic crane of 1.0 t cargo capacity with boom of 6 m is installed for feeding and removal of hoses and lifting of the accommodation ladder, and mounting booms.
Onboard spill kit for environment pollution prevention is foreseen. It intends for cases of oil spills due to cargo emergency overflow during cargo operation.
Cargo system provides closed intake of sewage and oily water by means of other vessels or by own pumps. Drainage of these liquids towards shore reception facilities by vessel's pump is also provided.
Sewage cargo tanks are equipped by means for sediments loosen and tanks washing.
Crew consists of 6 people.
Keel of RT29 head vessel "Ecolog - 1" (building number of 10601) was laid down on 20.12.12. Launching was carried out on14.05.15.
Keel of RT29 second vessel "Onezhets BBK". (building number of 10602) was laid down on 20.12.12 too. Launching was carried out on14.05.15.