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23.01.15 19:48
DCV47 supply vessels of "Sosnovka" type operation at Kamchatka

For almost four years DCV47 special vessels of "Sosnovka" type operate to ensure cargo supply to out distant areas of Kamchatka since 2011. No other Marine Engineering Bureau project was so widely covered by mass-media. It is not casual absolutely. Work of "Sosnovka" type vessels directly influences at a life of ordinary people and people see this.
Here is the full article of Viktor Romanyuk of the daily business internet-newspaper "Peninsula of Kamchatka".
"Sunday of 02.12.12 is a usual winter day. It is cloudy and snowing. Windless calm is at the sea; ideal conditions for unloading of vessel. Especially, if there is unloading of specialized municipal equipment from arrived "Sosnovka-2": excavator, dump truck and flushing machine that was delivered to municipality of Ossora settlement.
The vessel's arrival was waited in the regional center not only by the head of settlement's administration Voronin S.N. and director of the Municipal Enterprise "Ossora Housing and Communal Services" Podkopaev A.V., but also by employees of the company, who will have to work with these techniques. By the way, it is worth noting, that all equipment is of domestic production.
Unloading to the coast has taken about an hour. The crew and drivers of OHCS worked well-coordinated and professionally. Professionalism of the work could be appreciated by "spectators" who gathered on the coast. Unloading of heavy-load cars from vessel to the coast was a new experience for Ossora citizens.
The decision of Kamchatka government due to the necessity of specialized "Sosnovka" type vessels' purchase for cargo delivering to remote settlements was absolutely right. As these vessels belong to the most adapted types of vessels for work in the conditions of absence of modern equipped berth at settlements. Of course, the head of the Kamchatka region governor Vladimir Ilyukhin deserved due words of gratitude from Koryak citizens.
So, with the help of the bulldozer the improvised berth is formed from a coastal soil, the ramp is pulled down... and unloading starts. Simply and economically. If any problems with self-moving, than bulldozer is able to assist.
Departure of the vessel loaded by equipment from the Petropavlovsk port was had to expect much longer. Cyclones, which have arranged the real trials for Kamchatka, gave no chance for "Sosnovka" to arrive to the destination as scheduled. Vessel had to wait for favourable weather in Ust-Kamchatsk and also in Ossora bay near a tail on arrival.
- We were incredibly lucky; Sunday was the only fine day between playing storms that finally allowed to unload delivered to Ossora mechanisms safely, - says the head of the Ossora settlement administration Sergey Nikolaevich Voronin. - We were waiting for the "Sosnovka-2" arrival during the whole last week. The team of specialists was organized. People were able to start equipment unloading at any time.
- Sergey Nikolaevich, a lot of the specialized municipal equipment was received by municipality this year as never before. What was assisted to it?
- Yes, I shouldn't to hide that joyous mood that is felt today not only by staff of Ossora settlement's administration, but also by staff of ME "Ossora HCS". At the end, we were lucky to unload safely the last three units of municipal mechanisms, which have been purchased this year.
On 2 January we completed the implementation of planned programs, in development of which following participants have taken part: specialists from various ministries and agencies of the Kamchatka Government and the delegates of Legislative Assembly headed by Chairman Valery Fedorovich Raenko. I would like to mention the active assistance at various stages of projects' implementation on the procurement and delivery of specialized equipment for our municipality, which was provided during the whole year by the Koryak district delegate of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka region Boris Nikolaevich Chuev.
Working on the program of settlement's improvement, in frames of which three units of equipment were bought, we had to contact regularly with the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of Kamchatka Region. As a result of this cooperation, municipality of the Ossora settlement purchased the following equipment: truck "Kamaz", flushing machine and truck with raiser.
Naturally, the most active support of the program's implementation, as well as the control during all stages was carried out by the head of the region, i.e. by the Governor of Kamchatka Region Vladimir Ivanovich Ilyukhin.
I consider it appropriate to thank our transport workers, employees of SUE "Transflot" for their work in difficult storm conditions. Thanks to them all three equipment units are delivered to Ossora without any damages. From all citizens of the settlement I would like to express gratitude to these people who perform their work on high professional level.
I will remind that such quantity of new municipal equipment for the Ossora settlement was not bought at all for the last 20 years. Except of funds' using for equipment's acquisition, allocated according to regional programs, we were able to acquire additionally equipment by means of ME "Ossora HCS", as follows: the garbage truck "Kamaz" and Japan made auger-rotor for snow cleaning. It is important to note that ME "Ossora HCS" (A.V. Podkopayev is the director) have made a co-financing from its side for purchase and delivery of all eight equipment units.
Automobile lifting crane with the cargo capacity of 20 tons has been acquired according to the project "Narodniy Budget". It allowed carrying out repair works for the housing objects and for heating mains in the summer. Also according to this project the so necessary excavator of Chelyabinsk tractor plant was purchased.
- Sergey Nikolaevich, it is high time to sum up the results of the leaving 2012. After the purchase of such a large number of municipal equipment, does the municipality of Ossora settlement plan to carry out the large-scale works that facilitate creation of more comfortable living conditions for accommodation of Ossora citizens?
- I consider that it is too early to sum up the results. But Sunday, 02.12.2012, will exactly become a history day of the settlement. This day we have successfully completed a campaign on delivering the municipal equipment for Ossora needs. But we are not going to stop at the reached in any case. The plans include exploring of possible variants for the purchase of a grader for repair of settlement's roads and machines for cleaning sewage systems so urgently necessary for us today.
- Our President V. V. Putin said: "We have to be honest with people". Tell honestly, whether the idea of creation of ME "Ossora HCS", which had quite a lot of opponents except of supporters at the beginning, has justified itself?
- Today it is already possible to declare with absolute confidence that the team, which consists of 200 people and headed by director Alexey Alekseevich Podkopayev, fully and with due quality carries out set targets on providing services for housing fund and social objects of Ossora settlement.
All specialists working at this enterprise, including foreman and workers, are capable to solve any problems at the territory of the settlement quickly ".
DCV47 vessels were built by Sosnovka Shipyard (Murat Duguzhev is chairman of directors' board, Igor Glushakov is a general director). FSE "Direction of the state customer of maritime transport development programs." of the Maritime and River Fleet Federal Agency of RF Transport Ministry is a Customer.
Barge of DCV47 project is assigned for deck carriage of general and dry bulk cargoes, containers, wheel and track vehicles (loading by roll-on method); roads unloading and loading cargoes; delivery these cargoes to unequipped shore with drainage ability on sand-gravel soil and supply horizontal delivered cargo unload with help of bow ramp or with help of cargo crane.
Vessels were being built in accordance with Federal purpose plan "Economical and social development of Far East and Transbaikal till 2013".
Importance of such self-propelled barges at Kamchatka region (and others northern coastal regions) for supplying out distant population places was clear even in the USSR period. Beginning from the 70-s of previous century more than 115 self-propelled barges were built, as follows: barges of "Vladimir Pashkin" type ("SRP", prj. 698), "SP" type, "SRP 150K-1" (prj.698), "SPA-001" type (prj.10250), "SPP-001" type (prj.10251) "Nikolay Permitin" type (prj.16900). This moment there are 15 self-propelled barges at Kamchatka region under operation.
Mean work duration (mean age) of these vessels is of 30 years.
Further operation of these vessels is accomplished with increasing of shipping safety providing, big expenditures used for vessels maintenance and repairing. More over these vessels become obsolete and aren't assign for cargo operations with drainage ability on unequipped soil during tide).
DCV47 concept includes more wide abilities that are necessary for supplying of distant population places, except typical for such vessels general cargoes and vehicles, as follows:
• cargo loading/unloading on the roads, entering into shallow river mouth during tide with drainage ability on sand-gravel soil. For providing such features vessel has strong construction for safe cargo operation during drainage in accordance with RS requirements. Vessel's hull enhanced double bottom (0.8 m height), double sides of 1.725 m width (B/5) and enough number of longitudinal and transverse bulkheads that provide single room unsinkage. Same time work of onboard electric station is provided by diesel-generator cooling by special outer water system (transient regime) and by work of emergency-stay diesel-generator with air cooling.
• bulk cargoes transportation (incl. coal for wintering) with ability of unloading by vessel's crane equipped by grab or by coast means;
• ISO type containers transportation with roads unloading or at long voyages;
• heavy wheel (of 15 t per axel) or truck vehicles of 60 t transportation with ability of vehicles roll-on / roll-off through bow ramp when coast support is prepared; heavy wheel of 10 t per wheel or truck vehicles of 30 t when there is no coast support;
• cargo delivery to unequipped shore and providing horizontal unloading of delivered cargo through the bow ramp or with help of vessel's crane or by the coast means that (incl. car cranes) that are able come to the vessel's side during tide (railing guard is made of hinged type at the cargo zone in order to provide work of car crane's boom at the maximal outreach.
DCV47 vessels are seagoing ro-ro self-propelled barges with cargo lifting capacity of 250 t.
Vessel's principal dimensions are as follows:
Length overall is 42.60 m;
Length between perpendiculars is 38.40 m;
Breadth overall is about 8.82 m;
Breadth is 8.60 m;
Draught (summer free board) is 2.0 m;
Full speed is 9 kn;
Main engines capacity is 2 x 256 kW.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation is of KM Ice 2 R1 AUT3 OMBO.
Permitted load on cargo deck is of 15 tons per wheel vehicle axis or track vehicle weight up to 60 t.
Container capacity is 12 TEU.
Cargo crane's capacity is of 7.3 t (while outreach is 20 m).
The keel of lead supply vessel DCV47 project "Sosnovka-1" (building No. is 10500) was laid down on 13.01.10. She was launched on 13.05.11 and put into operation 06.08.11.
The keel of the second supply vessel of the series "Sosnovka-2" (building No. is 10501) was laid down on 18.01.10. She was launched on 25.05.11 and put into operation on 06.08.11.
The keel of the third supply vessel of the series "Sosnovka-3" (building No. is 10502) was laid down on 28.02.11. She was launched on 05.10.12 and put into operation on 07.11.12.
The keel of the fourth supply vessel "Kapitan Finashin" of (building No. is 10503) was laid down on 11.03.11. She was launched on 08.10.12 and put into operation on 07.11.12.