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06.01.15 10:28
Brief totals of Marine Engineering Bureau 2014 work

20 new and modernized vessels (worked out due to projects of Marine Engineering) were built and put into operation in 2013, as follows: 12 tankers, 4 dry cargo vessels, 3 passenger ones and 1 combined vessel. Total vessels' deadweight is 79.2 thousand tons (72.6 thousand tons for new shipbuilding and 6.6 thousand tons for modernized fleet). List of these vessels are here below:
1 unique combined platform tanker with record 5745 tons river deadweight of RST54 prj. of "BaltFlot" type (Oka shipyard, Navashino);
4 "super fat" chemical/oil tankers of RST27 prj. (Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard, Nizhniy Novgorod);
3 river bunkering tankers of RT18 (Yaroslavl Shipyard );
2 multipurpose dry cargo vessels of RSD49 prj. (Lotos Shipyard, Astrakhan);
2 "double hull" river-sea oil tankers for "Nothern delivery" of RST06 prj. ("Trans-Service Marine Agency", modernization of "Lenaneft" type vessels);
1 oil tanker of RST05 prj. (Don Kassens Shipyard, Aksay);
1 chemical/oil tanker of RST22M prj. (Beshiktash Shipyard, Yalova, Turkey);
1 chemical/oil tanker of RST26 prj. (Kherson Shipyard);
1 multipurpose dry cargo vessel of RSD18 prj. (Zhejiang Hengyu Shipyard, China);
1 marine platform dry cargo vessel of DCV52 prj. (Yuzniy Sevastopol Shipyard);
1 cruise river-sea passenger vessel "Viking Sineus" of PV17 prj. with passenger capacity of 196 people (Kherson Shipyard named for Comintern, modernization of 301 prj. mv "Mikhail Lomonosov").
1 floating hotel for staff of V.Filanovskiy oil and gas extraction field "Gleb krizhizhanovskiy" of PV18 prj. with 350 people capacity (Astrakhan, modernization of mv "Gleb krizhizhanovskiy" of 302 prj.);
1 passenger pleasure vessel for cruises along Black Sea coast "Imperia" of PV01 prj. with 300 people capacity.
This moment a lot of vessels are under building, e.g.: multifunctional ice-breaker 7 MW and 4MW salvage vessels "Beringov Proliv", "Murman" and "Spasatel Demidov"; buoy vessel for RosMorPort, unique combined platform tankers of "BF Tanker" type, PV09 high comfortable cruise passenger vessel "Tanais", river cruise passenger vessel "Alexey Kosygin", up-to-date marine and river-sea dry cargo vessels and tankers of such types as "Svyatoy knyaz Vladimir", "Gloster", "Novaya Armada", "Alexander Shimagin", "VF Tanker", "Neva Leader", "Edyniy", "Azovskiy pyatitysyachnil", ecologic vessels of "Ecolog-1" type and some other innovation vessels.
In 2014 Marine Engineering Bureau actively worked out scientific researchers; results of investigations and new designs were introduced at 11 International Conferences through the world; bureau's staff published about 80 works.
In 2014 Marine Engineering Bureau developed principal new projects of different civil types, as follows:
• hydrographic vessels such as HSV05.01 and HSV05.02 big arctic hydrographic vessel of Arc 7 class for working at Northern Sea Route, BLV03 buoy vessel, HSV06E river hydrographic vessel for electronic charts developing and navigation safety providing;
• shallow-draft multifunctional supply vessels of Arctic ice categories such as MPSV12 Arctic salvage tugboat with Arc 5 class, TSV10 5.4 MW vessel with Arc4 class for whole-year service of oil/gas producing units at Caspian Sea and MPSV11 salvage 6 MW tugboat with Arc5 class for whole-year safety providing of oil/gas producing units at Caspian Sea;shallow-draft pusher trains (tanker pusher vessel plus barge and dry cargo pusher vessel plus barge) with restricted working draught (1.40-2.35 m) and also combined variant (simultaneously tanker plus dry cargo vessel) for Siberian Rivers: RT63 + ROB21 (RT63_ROB21), RD63 + RDB21 (RD63_RDB21), RT63A + ROB21A (RT63A_ROB21A);
• RSD62 river-sea dry cargo vessel for "Northern delivery";
• PV11 and PV16M passenger vessels for inter-regional transportations;
• CNF08A and CNF08B 55-wagons railway-automobile-passenger ferryboat for Black Sea with ability to transport passenger wagons and 840 passenger;
• CNF19 168-wagons cargo railway ferryboat for Baltic Sea;
• CNF18A and CNF18B 54-wagons railway-automobile-passenger ferryboat for Caspian Sea;
• BLV04 multifunctional buoy vessel for RosMorPort;
• DCV61 platform vessel of 360 tons cargo capacity with ramp and crane for rescue readiness providing. Vessel should deliver rescue equipment to the place of accident in order to oil spill combat. She also is assigned for wheel and track vehicles transportation such as general and dry bulk cargoes transportation, for these cargoes delivery to unequipped shore with vessel's drainage ability on sand-gravel soil;
• FD01, FD02, FD03 and FD04 floating docks.