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19.07.06 16:19
135 wagon train-ferry "Baltiysk" was put into operation for Baltiysk - Ust-Luga line

On July 14, 2006 at "Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven GmbH" shipyard (Bremerhaven, Germany) train-ferry "Baltiysk" with capacity of 135 wagons was put into operation. The vessel was modified by Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) CNF05 project.
It is planned to operate this train-ferry for ro-ro vehicles transportation on St. Petersburg - Baltiysk - Germany ports line. After putting into operation launching complexes on sea train-ferry terminals in Ust-Luga and Baltiysk vessel is going to be used on Ust-Luga - Baltiysk line with line prolongation, in future, up to ferry port of Zasnits (Germany) for transportation of trains and ro-ro vehicles.
"Baltiysk" ferry was modified on the basis of "Rider" ocean train-ferry which was purchased by FNUC (Federal National Unitary Concern) "Rosmorport" in 2006. MV "Rider" had high ice category. Vessel's modification was carried out on the shipyard where this vessel had been built for European standard wagons transportation in 1984. Earlier "Rider" sea train-ferry was operated on "Travemunde (Germany) - Turku (Finland) line.
Purchase and modification were realized through OJSC "National Transport Leasing Company" (NTLC) with OJSC "Russian Bank of Development" participation.
"Baltic Transport Systems" company realizes ferry operation on bareboat-charter terms.
Under FNUC "Rosmorport", FNU "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping", CJSC "Baltic Transport Systems", OJSC "Sudoimport" and CJSC "Marine Engineering Bureau" specialists' observation "Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven GmbH" shipyard has carried out amount of complex operations only for 90 days. Volume of newly maintained and modified constructions is nearly 500 tons.
"Baltiysk" train-ferry can be used for Russian standards trains with railway gauge of 1520 mm and for ro-ro vehicles transportation after CNF05 project re-equipment. This ferry also can be used for 20' and 40' roll-trailers transportation, including dangerous cargoes and up to 30 ref-containers.
"Baltiysk" ferry's main particulars after modification are as follows:
overall length is of 187.36 m;
overall breadth is of 22 m;
depth is of 18.95 m;
draught (Summer Freeboard) is of 6.5 m;
deadweight is about 9800 tons;
total tracking length is of 1943.3 m;
Tank-wagon (length between coupling gauges of 12020 mm) capacity is of 135 units;
Railroad wagon (length between coupling gauges of 16970 mm) capacity is of 92 units.
Passenger cars capacity (arrangement on the upper open deck) is of 76 units.
Main engines with capacity of 16000 kWt provide cruising speed of 18.5 knots.
Crew consists of 16-20 people. It is permitted to transport 12 passengers.
After re-equipment ferry was assigned Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation of KM UL A1 ro-ro (supervision was carried out by Baltic RS branch, re-equipment project was approved by RS Head Office).
On July 14, 2006 solemn ceremony of National Russian Federation Flag hoisting was carried out.
A lot of people took part in this ceremony including as follows: General consul of Russian Federation in Hamburg, representatives of Kaliningrad region Administration, representatives of Kaliningrad sea port Administration, representatives and direction of FNUC "Rosmorport", OJSC "National Transport Leasing Company", CJSC "Baltic Transport Systems", OJSC "Sudoimport", Confessor of Russian Orthodox Church father-superior Sergiy (Ivannikov), representatives of shipyard and port of Bremerhaven authorities, direction of Zasnits ferry port, CJSC "Marine Engineering Bureau".
Arrival of ferry in Kaliningrad home port is planning at the end of 19 July.