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26.11.14 19:38
Sosnovka Shipyard laid down keel of BLV04 buoy vessel for RosMorPort

On 26.11.2014 at Sosnovka Shipyard (Murat Duguzhev is a general director) solemn keel laying was carried out for head BLV04 buoy vessel (building No. 10701).
FSUC "ROSMORPORT" is a Customer. Totally 3 vessels are ordered, namely for ports of Ust-Luga, Vanino and Vladivostok.
Project BLV04 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
BLV04 vessel is intended for:
• effecting works on mounting and dismounting floating means of navigational protection;
• maintenance floating means of navigational protection at the port and near-port areas;
• general cargo transportation on deck with loading/unloading by port means on onboard crane;
• sea floor investigation.
Sailing region includes marine regions that correspond to region R2. Radio equipment corresponds to region A1.
Vessel is steel singe-deck double-screw self-propelled one, with elongated forecastle and double-tier superstructure; with working deck aft, that allows to place 4 buoys of BMBL-78 type with anchor gear simultaneously; with engine room located at middle, with cargo crane.
Vessel's principal dimensions are as follows:
Overall length is 30.15 m;
Length between perpendiculars is 28.74 m;
Overall breadth is about 9.70 m;
Breadth at the DWL level is 9.10 m;
Depth is 3.60 m;
DWL draught is 2.8 m;
Speed is 11.0 kn;
Autonomy is 5 days.
RS class notation is KM Ice 2 R2 AUT3-C.
Two fixed pitch propellers and two hanged rudders are arranged aft; they provide required speed and manoeuvrability. Drive to the propellers is of mechanical type from main engines through reduction gears. Propellers are made from stainless steel.
Vessel's speed is 11.0 kn.
Bow thruster of tunnel type with FPP is foreseen. Thruster's input power is 120 kW.
Vessel's fore end is enforced by ice strengthening.
Due to Customer's wish, vessel's compartments subdivision meets requirements of the single-compartment damage trim & stability standard.
Cargo hydraulic crane with two hooks provides main vessel's functions: mounting, unmounting and maintenance of navigation buoys. Crane's cargo lifting capacity is 5 t while outreach is 8.0 m and 5 t while outreach is 15.0 m.
Hydraulic lifts (3 t capacity) are used for anchors' discharging from the deck during buoys' mounting.
Working boat (6 m length) is foreseen for floating beacons' maintenance.
Vessel is equipped with two high holding capacity anchors.
Crew consists of 6 people. Officers' cabins have an individual bathroom, other crewmembers' and special staff's cabins have washstand.
Living and working compartments are arranged in the fore deck-house and forecastle.
Wheel house is made with all-around view possibility and single-man vessel's control ability. The last includes ability to keep position during mounting navigational protection.
Hydrographic functions are provided by using sonar with multibeam radiator; sonar is matched with gyrocompass, DGPS receiver and vertical movements' sensor. Stationary and portable units are foreseen for measuring sound speed in water.
Working station of hydrographic measuring unit is foreseen; there is also a specialized software set for providing mounting and control of navigational buoys.
Keel of the lead BLV04 vessel (building No. 10701) was laid down on 26.11.2014.