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10.11.14 22:03
Balakov Shipyard launched head multipurpose RSD60 dry cargo vessel "Ediniy" with sea/river deadweight 4608/2705 t

On 08.11.2014 the head multipurpose RSD60 dry cargo vessel "Ediniy" with sea/river deadweight 4608/2705 t was solemnly launched at the Balakov Shipbuilding & Shiprepairing Yard. She is the first vessel constructed at the yard after 30-years building brake.
Shipping Company "Vega" (Elena Mayer is a general director) and Evgeniy Ediniy are the Customers.
The following people participated at the solemn ceremony of the vessel launching, as follows: Saratov Region Governor Valeriy Radaev, General Director of CJSE SC "Vega" Elena Mayer, Director of Shipyard Vasiliy Paravaev, members of the Region Government, shipyard's staff, representatives of SC "Vega" and townsmen.
RSD60 project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
Due to statement of Region Governor press-service, Valeriy Radaev congratulated townsmen and shipyard's staff with the famous event. Head od the Region noted that year of 2014 became very important for Balakov's industry and infrastructure; factories "Tsentolit" and "Severstal" start back to work, they organized metallurgical cluster; bridge across shipping canal is preparing for putting into operation; up-to-date river-sea vessel is constructed and launched.
"Shipbuilding traditions regenerate today at the Balakov Shipyard, they were broken for 30 years. But it is not simple regeneration. The old barges and tugboats of the 80-s are replaced by up-to-date universal vessels, thanks to which the most important transport flow Volga River keeps its status as river od five seas, and the region is completing the cluster of transport mechanical engineering. Specialists of this strategy important branch charge air, water and on-ground spaces. This is a very serious victory of our industry", - noted Valeriy Radaev.
Head of the Region said that Balakov Shipyard's entering to the new technological level is a bright evidence of its competitiveness and ability to invest into the future. Region Governor wished "a big voyage and following wind".
From her side, General Director of CJSE SC "Vega" Elena Mayer thanked shipyard's staff for quality and fine work that was done from the zero level. She also thanked the region Governor for support of such important industrial direction as shipbuilding.
During the solemn ceremony vessel was launched in accordance with marine traditions. Vessel was sanctified by a churchman, after that symbolic champagne bottle was broken at vessel's hull.
RSD60 vessels are intended for river-sea and marine transportation of general and dry bulk cargoes, including timber, ISO type containers (TEU and FEU) and some dangerous cargoes.
Vessels satisfy dimensions of Volga-Don Canal and Volga-Baltic Way. RSD60 vessel's overall length is 118.97 m, breadth is 13.0 m, depth is 5.8 m.
Deadweight is of 4608 t when sea draught is 4.8 m, deadweight is about 2705 t when river draught is 3.60 m; ballast draught is 2.81 m. Operational speed is 10 kn. Summarized capacity of 3 cargo holds is 5931 cub.m. Summarized capacity of ballast tanks is 1992 cub.m.
Two medium-speed diesels (main engine) of 600 kW each use MDO with flash point more than 60 degr.
Autonomy is 15 day.
Crew consists of 14 persons (16 places).
The keel of the lead RSD60 vessel "Ediniy" was laid down on 25.01.12. She was launched on 08.11.2014. Putting into operation is planned for 2015.