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27.10.14 15:34
International Conference concerning shipbuilding, marine and river transportation took place at Odessa

International Conference "Marine and river transportation. Shipbuilding. Problems of economic cooperation, action and development" took pace in Odessa on 21-22.10.2014 within the work frame of Activity Plan of Community of Black Sea Economic Cooperation.
Representatives of number of organizations participated in Conference work, as follows: International Association of Black Sea Shipowners, Association of Black Sea and Azov Sea Ports, Association of Black Sea Shipbuilders and Ship Repairers, Association of Black Sea Shipbuilders "UksSudProm", Electro Welding Institute named for E.O.Paton, sip equipment manufactories.
Specialists from Marine Engineering Bureau presented report "Perspectives of shipbuilding in Black Sea countries" (G.V.Egorov and V.A.Avtutov are the authors).
The report marked the sharp neediness for building of new vessels of different types and functions in order to substitute existence ones that are physically and moral overage.
1. Multipurpose "Volgo-Don Max" river-sea dry cargo vessels, e.g. RSD49 ones.
2. "Superfat" "Volgo-Don Max" tankers, e.g. RST27 ones.
3. Multipurpose "Volgo-Don Max" river-sea dry cargo vessels, e.g. RSD44 ones.
4. Automobile-railway / passenger ferryboats for work from railway terminals of Caucasus port towards Ukraine ports - Georgian ports - Turkish ports - Bulgarian ports, e.g. CNF08P and CNF16B ones.
5. Buoy laying / hydrographic vessels for complex investigations of marine bed, arrangement and service of floating navigational signs, e.g. BLV01 and BLV02 ones.
6. Multifunctional salvage and diver vessels, e.g. MPSV06, MPSV07 and SDS08 ones.