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15.10.14 13:59
Solemn Azerbaijan State Flag rising onboard multipurpose 005RSD03 dry cargo vessels "Useir Gagibekov" and "Natavan"

On 14.10.2014 Solemn Azerbaijan State Flag rising was carried out onboard multipurpose 005RSD03 dry cargo vessels "Useir Gagibekov" and "Natavan". Vessels are going to work in Azerbaijan State Caspian Shipping Company.
Project 005RSD03 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Vessels are multipurpose dry cargo river-sea ones with deadweight in the sea/river of 5490/3330 tons. They are assigned for transportation of general, bulk, timber, grain and large-sized cargoes, 8'.5 and 9' ISO containers, dangerous goods of 1.4S, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 classes and cargoes of category B of BC Code.
005RSD03 series proved itself at Caspian Sea works due to cargo capacity 5000 t at Caspian draughts. Vessels have summarized cargo holds capacity 7840 cub.m. while vessel's length is only 102.2 m; such length ensured less building cost, port charges and operational expenses comparing with competitors.
Onega Shipyard is a builder.
Vessels are going to be used on internal waterways of the Russian Federation's European part (river deadweight is 3320 t while draught is 3.6 m), including Volga-Don Canal and Volga-Baltic Way, and also in sea areas according vessel's class, including operation in Baltic, North, Black, Azov, Caspian and Mediterranean Seas.
Vessels' Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is of KM Ice2 R2 AUT3.
Overall length is 108.3 m, length between perpendiculars is 102.2 m, breadth is 16.5 m, depth is 5.5 m.
All holds are box-shaped, smooth-wall, convenient for carrying out the freight works and cargo placing without stowing. The cargo holds' sizes are of 21.45 x 12.7 m (hold No.1), 27.3 x 12.7 (hold No.2) and 26.55 x 12.7 m (hold No.3) while the height is of 8.3 m.
Hatch covers are of removable type (with gantry crane of Yuriy Vorobyov design).
Crew consists of 9 persons (11 places).
Cruising speed is of 11.5 knots. Capacity of main engines is 2x1020 kWt. Maine engines (medium-speed diesels) work on heavy fuel with viscosity till 380 ŮSt (masout).
Movement and manoeuvrability of the vessel is provided by two stern full-turn rudder propellers with variable-pitch propeller in nozzles. The drive from main engines to rudder propellers is carried out through mechanical Z-gearing.
Designed vessel hull' life term is of 24 years. The ship steel of category RSD with a yield limit of 235 MPa was accepted for basic hull constructions.
The double bottom is designed for distributed load intensity of 7.5 t/sq.m. that allows use bucket grab with cargo-lifting capacity 16 tons.
Autonomy in sea is of 20 days, in river it is of 15 days.
Keel of mv "Natavan" (building No. 010) was laid down on 20.04.07. She was launched on 07.12.07 and accepted for operation on 25.08.08.
Keel of mv "Useir Gagibekov" (building No. 012) was laid down on 24.12.07. She was launched on 26.06.09 and accepted for operation on 08.09.08.
Other ten series' vessels are successfully operated under Kazakh or Russian flags.