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06.07.06 09:41
The fifth dry-cargo vessel of "Kareliya" type was put into operation

On July, 3, 2006 at Onega shipyard (Petrozavodsk) the fifth multi-purpose dry-cargo river-sea going vessel of "Karelia" type with deadweight in the river/sea of 3330/5490 tons with two full-circle rudder propellers was put into operation to the "Belomor-Onega Shipping company" ("Orimi" concern).
Vessel's name is "Karel".
Flag is of Russian Federation, St. Petersburg is the port of registry.
It is supposed to enter the vessel into Russian International Registry as one of the firsts.
Vessel project 005RSD03 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Project belongs due to MEB internal classification to the vessels which are destined for "Sormovskiy"/"Volga-Balt" type replacement.
Vessel's Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class is of KM LU2 IISP A3.
Overall length is of 108.3 m, length between perpendiculars is of 102.2 m, breadth is of 16.5 m, depth is of 5.5 m.
Deadweight is of 5490 tons when sea draught is of 4.792 m.
Deadweight is of 3330 tons with the draught of 3.60 m in the river.
Total capacity of three cargo holds is of 7840 cub. m.
Hatch covers are of removable type (with gantry crane). Crew consists of 9 persons.
Cruising speed is of 11.5 knots. Capacity of main engines is of 2x1020 kWt. When using single engine at the rate of 90% (economic operational mode for this series vessels) vessel's cruising speed (ballast loading condition) is of 9.0 kn with fuel consumption of 4.5 tons and of 8 kn (cargo loading condition) with fuel consumption of 4.7 tons.
Autonomy in sea is of 20 days, in river it is of 15 days.
Vessel's keel was laid down on 23.12.04. She was launched on 11.05.06 and put into operation on 03.07.06.
Vessel is assigned for river-sea going and sea going transportation of general, bulk, timber, grain and large-sized cargoes, ISO containers, coal, dangerous goods of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 classes.
Vessel's dimensions are optimized for work in Volgo-Baltiyskiy way and Volgo-Don canal. Ice category was increased up to LU2 for operation at Baltic Sea in winter.