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10.05.06 16:18
Re-equipment of dry-cargo barge was carried out for OJSC "Donrechphlot"

During 2004-2006 at Rostov region shipyards (LC "Sudoverph Don-Kassens" in Aksay, shipyards in Ust'-Donetsk and Kalach) re-equipment of non-self-propelled dry-cargo barges (R79 and R79A prjs.) was carried out for OJSC "Donrechphlot", included in CJSC "Azov-Don shipping company" (Mikhail Shvalev is a general director).
Re-equipment activities consisted of production and mounting of hatch covers, strengthening of longitudinal hold's coamings, upper deck shell and bottom hull mewmbers. As a result of re-equipment reclassification of 3 barges of R79 prj. namely "VD-3751", "VD-3752", "VD-3753" and 3 R79A prj. barges namely "VD-3757", "VD-3758", "VD-3761" was carried out from O-PR (ice) class to the M-PR 2.5 (ice 20) class.
During last years sailing regions for non-self-propelled and self-propelled vessels with class notations of "O-PR", "M-PR", "M-SP" were enlarged by Russian River Register. The sailing region enlargement was supervised by RRR general director, the doctor of economic science, Nikolay Ephremov. The enlargement allowed to change essentially the usual arrangement of Russian fleet used for transportation in Azov, Black, Caspian Seas and in the north regions and also increase economic effectiveness of river-sea going vessels.
Re-equipment project was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) in cooperation with specialists of OJSC "Donrechphlot".
There are following vessel's characteristics after re-equipment: overall length is of 98.05 m, breadth is of 14.00, depth is of 5.00 m, summer freeboard draught is of 3.50 m, cargo lifting capacity is of 3500 tons, cargo hold capacity is of 4057 cub. m.
This re-equipment allowed to use R79 and R79A prj. barge for transportation of water-phobia cargo including sulfur, grain, potassium chloride, alumina on the lines Russian ща internal waterways - Kerch channel, ports of Azov Sea, Ukrainian ports and back.
The example of effective usage of re-equipped vessels (R79 and R79A prjs.) is round voyages with transportations of potassium chloride from Solikamsk to Nikolaev and back with transportation of alumina from Nikolaev to Rostov-on-Don. Tug-boats of "MB" type were used as pushers on the line Nikolaev-Kerch, pushers of "OT" type were used on the line Kerch-Taganrog, pushers of "OTA" type were used during voyages through Russian internal waterways.
Designing and re-equipment was supervised by Don-Kuban branch of RRR (Uriy Sklyareno is head of brabch).