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09.08.14 18:13
TG04M tugboat "Dobrynya" from Azov branch of Rosmorport are taking part in two objects towage operation

Due to information from press-center of Azov branch of FSUC "ROSMORPORT", TG04M tugboat "Dobrynya" (together with another branch's tugboat "Fanagoriya") are taking part in towage operation of newly Turkey built marine tugboats "Alem" and "Jahan". Towage operation of close pack objects is effected from Azov port to Astrakhan port.
Towing distance is more than 1000 km and will take about a week. Convey will proceed through Low Don, Tsimlyansk reservoir, series of waterworks facilities of Volgo-Don Shipping Canal. ETD to the Astrakhan marine port is 14.08.2014. The end point of objects' voyage is Turmenbashi marine port (Turkmenistan).
Such towage operation through Russian inland waterway is effected by Azov branch for the first time.
Small draught ice-breaker tugboat "Dobrynya" of TG04M prj. (buiding No. 703) was constructed due to order of FSUC "ROSMORPORT" in 2012 by Shipyard "Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod" (Bor, Nizhniy Novgorod).
The TG04M project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
The new tugboat is assigned for:
• roadstead-maneuvering works with river going vessels and floating cranes;
• auxiliary works such as berthing, unberthing, handling of barges and vessels.
Also vessel can be used for delivery up to 12 passengers to the roads.
A lot of "Neva-2009" visitors could watch film (stand of "Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod" shipyard), that illustrated absolutely unique maneuvering qualities of the lead vessel of the series "Portoviy 1", including "police U-turn" (terminology of motor-car enthusiasts).
The tugboats of TG04 and TG04M prjs. series are the first of the new generation of river tugs and pushers that are built for operation into Russian internal waterways.
Tugboat features are as follows:
• tug is designed for operation at extremely low outer air temperature;
• equipment and construction of the propulsion complex permit to put tugboat into operation at extremely low temperature from condition of full into-ice freezing;
• tug's hull is of reinforced type for operation in the conditions of freeze basin;
• tug's weight does not exceed 100 t for providing ability to raise tug onto berth for the winter stay;
• tug's maximal draught does not exceed 1.80 m;
• tugboat is able to fulfill works due to providing port fleet safety during ice shifting, so her overall dimensions should me of minimal type.
The project was designed for RRR class notation of O 2.0 (ice 30) A. Ice category is assigned higher that recommended by RRR Rules for vessels of "O 2.0" type.
Keel of tug "Portoviy-1" of TG04 prj. (building No. 701) was laid down on 12.09.08. She was launched on 27.08.09. Sea trials were finished on 07.09.09. The vessel was put into operation on 17.09.09.
Keel of tug "Portoviy-2" of TG04M prj. (building No. 702) was laid down on 13.09.11. She was launched on 05.06.12. The vessel was put into operation on 17.07.12.
Keel of tug "Dobrynya" of TG04M prj. with building No. 703 was laid down on 08.12.11. She was launched on 01.08.12 and put into operation on 12.09.12.
Keel of tug "Murom" of TG04M prj. with building No. 704 was laid down on 08.12.11. She was launched on 28.08.12 and put into operation on 04.10.12.