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19.06.14 16:21
Modernization of RST06 tanker "Yana", that is intended for "northern" delivery to settlements of Arctic Yakutia coast, is completed

"Double-hull" river-sea going tanker "Yana" with deadweight 2701 t is assigned for "northern" delivery to settlements of Arctic Yakutia coast. On 19.06.2014 she departed for the first voyage from Sevastopol port to Rostov-on-Don port.
Vessel is going to effect voyage through Russian inland waterways and Northern Sea Route towards estuary of Lena River (Tiksi port) to the region of permanent operation due to the program of fuel delivery to Yakutia.
Modernization of "Yana" tanker (ex."Palflot-3", "Lenaneft" type of P77 project) was carried out by "Trans-Service Maritime Agency". This company is maritime multipurpose one, specialized in the set of areas, as follows: commercial, technical and ISM fleet's management; vessels' trip effecting; ships' repairing and modernization, and also survey services and investigation of marine casualties. Modernization and repairing was carried out by "Trans-Service Maritime Agency" since February to June of 2014. Tanker's crew is staffed by seamen from Sevastopol and Nakhodka.
RST06 project is designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
The aim of modernization (due to RST06 prj.) was to install double bottom constructions in cargo area for meeting the requirements of Regulation 21 of MARPOL Annex I, because vessel at initial state had no double bottom. The second aim was to organize 2 cargo tanks in the middle part instead of existent dry compartment; these tanks will be used also as slop ones. Cargo and ballast-bilge systems with full replacement of existent pipelines were subject for modernization except hull works.
Vessel "Tiksi" has double hull after modernization (double bottom and double sides) along whole length of cargo area. Requirements of RS Rules for stability of damaged vessel are met due to arrangement of side and bottom damages at any place along vessel's length between nearest transverse bulkheads.
All new-created cargo (slop) tanks are equipped with the following: venting pipes with "free flow" valves and flame arresters; pipelines and fittings of tanks' washing system; pipelines and fittings of cargo and drainage systems. These tanks are also equipped with closed system of cargo level measurement; probes are taken by portable level indicator of HERMetic UTI type.
Ballast-bilge system was re-equipped by pipelines and fittings in accordance with new arrangement of ballast tanks. All new-created ballast tanks are equipped with sounding pipes with depth-gauge and deck bushings and also with air pipes. The lower ends of the sounding pipes are provided with thickened bottoms. Protection plate is placed under sounding pipe onto the bottom shell.
All new-created ballast and cargo tanks are equipped with covers and ladders; cargo tanks are equipped also with washing holes.
According to information of "Trans-Service Maritime Agency", general repair of main and auxiliary diesels, generators, power stations and automatic equipment, cargo and vessel's service pumps, auxiliary machinery, radio, salvage and navigating equipment were carried out at vessel "Yana" except her modernization. Vessel was equipped with several kilometers of new and repaired cargo pipelines and also air pipes, stripping, ballast and vessel's service systems.
During the modernization vessel was docked with removing and repairing of propeller shafts, rudders, bottom valves. Vessel's survey for RS class after modernization and also vessel's examination of compliance to requirements of ISM, ISPS, MLC Conventions was carried out.
Overall vessel's dimensions are, as follows: length 108.5 m, depth 14.80 m, breadth 4.40m.
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is KM L4 R3-RSN Oil tanker (>60°C) (ESP).
Vessel's deadweight after modernization is 2690 t due to draught 2.88 m. Cargo tank's capacity (including slop tanks) is 2855 cub.m.
Double bottom's tanks are used as ballast ones. Ballast tanks' capacity is 1432 cub.m. Ballast draught is about 2.10 m.
Main engine's capacity is 2 x 515 kW. Vessel's speed is 10.5 kn. Autonomy is 15 days. Crew consists of 11 people (16 places).