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02.06.14 21:37
Sea-river going passenger vessel "Gleb Krzhizhanovskiy" (PV18 prj.) was departed to the Caspian Sea

On 02.06.2014 350-places mixed sea-river going passenger vessel "Gleb Krzhizhanovskiy" with RRR class notation
 O-PR2.0 (Ice 30) A was departed to the Caspian Sea. She was modernized due to PV18 prj. from 302 prj. vessel.
Vessel is intended for usage as floating hotel for workers from oil-gas condensate field named for V. Filanovskiy.
OJSC Moscow River Shipping Company is a ship-owner.
Vessel's re-equipment was carried out in Astrakhan.
Modernization project PV18 was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Oilfield is located in the Russian sector of Northern part of Caspian Sea at shallow-water area. It is 170 km southward of Astrakhan and 20 km eastward of Maliy Zhemchuzhniy Island; this area is allowed for "O-PR" class vessels' operation in the April-November period.
The following devices were installed onboard the vessel for providing operations as a floating hotel servicing drilling platforms:
• cargo manipulator with 3.15 t capacity (due to maximal boom outreach of 16.54 m) and cargo platform are arranged on the boat deck in the aft end;
• rooms for storage and handling work clothes on tent deck;
• ref. containers for increasing provision autonomy;
• 2 office rooms with capacity of 40 people each;
• desalination equipment with total capacity of 150 cub.m. a day.
175 cabins for allocation of 350 passengers are foreseen, including:
• 4 single block-cabins;
• 16 single cabins;
• 143 double cabins;
• 4 triple cabins;
• 8 quadruple cabins.
200-places dining room, 7-places gym, 2 mess-rooms with Internet zone and TVs for 39 and 27 peoples correspondingly are foreseen for passengers' relaxation.
2 offices for 40 and 36 places are also foreseen.
Watertight bulkheads were installed during re-equipment between main and upper deck at 92 and 172 fr. All main deck windows were closed with outer steel covers. Passenger ladders' tambours were constructed in the area of fr. 86-90 and fr. 166-170.
One rowing 20-place salvage boat with davit and one motor 16-place lifeboat with davit were arranged in the aft end of boat deck. 22 inflatable free fall 20-place life-rafts PSN-20 in containers were arranged in the fore end of tent deck.
The vessel is a triple-screw motor ship with overall length 129.15 m, breadth 16.70 m, with four-level superstructure along whole vessel's length, with ER located aft, with bridge located fore, with double bottom, with inclined stem and cruiser stern.
Three 736 kW diesels are used as main engines. Vessel's speed is 13.8 kn. Movement and manoeuvrability of the vessel is provided by three fixed-pitch propellers (diameter 1800 mm) and by five rudders. Bow thruster is foreseen for narrow waters' passing and for mooring operations.
Power plant consists of four 600 kW diesel-generators and 95 kW emergency diesel-generator.
Crew and service staff (98 people) is allocated in single, double and triple cabins on lower deck (vessel's hull) and on tent deck.
Vessel satisfies an increased ecological safety standard. Closed sewage and domestic water systems are foreseen. All sewage and domestic waters are forwarded to accumulative tanks. Also sewage water treatment plant is installed onboard.