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02.06.14 10:44
300-placed PV01M comfortable passenger vessel "Imperiya" started operation in Gelendzhik

300-placed PV01M passenger vessel "Imperiya" of "Fos Shipping Management" Company (Sergey Shuvalov is a general director) started operation. The vessel is designed for pleasure voyages along the coastline of the Black Sea. Bay of the Gelendzhik port is a constant place of vessel's location from where regular coastline voyages are carried out.
Modernization was carried out by Kherson Shipyard named for Kuibyshev.
Modernization project PV01M is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Main dimensions are, as follows: overall length is of 45.03 m, overall breadth is of 14.05 m.
Depth is of 2.82 m, draught is of 2.28 m. RS class notation is of M-SP 3.5.
The ability of allocation aboard up to 300 passengers (in the initial PV01 project up to 250 people) is foreseen after the modernization.
Modernization of the vessel was carried out for increasing vessel's class from M-PR 2.5 to M-SP 3.5 and also for improving safety criterions due to vessel operation with increased number of passengers aboard.
In the result of the modernization watertight hull's capacity above the main deck was significantly increased by enhancing the first tier of the wheelhouse up to the vessel's sides, which is ensured by damage stability of the vessel due to flooding of any compartment.
In addition, the increasing area of covered restaurant located at the first tier, significantly improved the level of vessel's comfort level due to organizing separate zones with tables "for two" at each side of the vessel. Customers of the restaurant, sitting at the tables in such "special" areas, are able to enjoy the sea view through the large windows. Tables are installed directly in front of these windows.
During modernization, modern life-saving appliances were installed by sides in order to improve safety level. Two marine evacuation systems (MES) with total capacity 326 persons were arranged.
Also the vessel was equipped by duty boat with its own lifting gear.
PV01M vessel has fore end with inclined stem, forecastle, aft transom and wheelhouse in the middle part. The main engines are located in the aft, living and service areas located fore. Swimming pool is arranged between decks of the first and second tiers in the aft end.
Restaurants are located in the first and second tiers of superstructure. Restaurants of the first tier are equipped with stage and dressing room. Dance floor with bar is situated on the open deck of the first tier. Swimming pool with the passengers' relaxation zone is equipped on the second tier of the deck in the aft end.
Vessel's type is, as follows: twin-shaft, with operation speed 11 kn, with two diesel engines (main engine) with capacity of 375 kW each, that operate through the reverse reduction gear to the fixed-pitch propellers.
"Imperiya" vessel was built by PV01 project in Kherson in 2008 and was modernized by PV01M project in 2014.