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27.05.14 20:39
The PV17 mixed river-sea cruise vessel "Viking Sineus" (196 passenger capacity) has arrived to Odessa

On 27.05.2014 the PV17 mixed river-sea cruise vessel "Viking Sineus" with capacity of 196 passengers has arrived to Odessa. The vessel is designed for passenger transportation on cruise lines: Kiev - Kherson - Sevastopol - Odessa - Kiev and Yalta - Kherson - Odessa - Danube Prorva - Burgas (in the period from April to October).
Viking Ukraine" (Ukrainian subdivision of the world's largest river cruise company Viking River Cruises) is a customer.
Kherson Shipyard named for Comintern, ASK Ukrrechflot branch is a builder.
PV17 project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
The PV17 vessel "Viking Sineus" is modernization of the vessel "Mikhail Lomonosov" (301 prj). Modernization was carried out in order to increase vessel's comfortable level by significant enhancing of the area of cabins, restaurants and public buildings.
Ukrainian Shipping Register class notation of the project is of M-PR 2,5.
Vessel is triple-deck, triple-screw motor ship with overall length of 125.00 m, breadth of 16.70 m, with four-level superstructure along whole vessel's length, with ER located aft, with wheelhouse located fore, with double bottom, with inclined stem and cruiser aft end.
98 double-place cabins for location of 196 passengers are foreseen, including:
• four suites with balcony with area of 30.1-31.6 sq. m;
• two "Deluxe" cabins with balconies with area of 24.2 sq. m;
• sixty cabins with balconies with area of 13.5-16 sq. m;
• thirty two cabins with balconies with area of 11.1-12.9 sq. m.
Passenger accommodation is located onto 3 decks: main deck, middle deck and boat deck.
All passenger cabins are equipped with double beds, lavatory and douche, air-conditioner, wardrobe, safe, TV set with satellite and internal vessel's channels, hairdryer, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), vessel's radio translation, external and internal telephone connection.
Cabins onto upper and boat decks are with balconies. Balconies are equipped with removable partitions that provide free deck passage along whole vessel at emergency.
The restaurant, which allows feeding all the passengers in one shift, is located onto the upper deck with area of 350 sq. m for 212 places.
The spacious lobby with a coffee station, a place of relaxation and public toilets are placed in front of the restaurant.
Panoramic bar with area of about 100 sq. m for 55 places is located in the fore part on the boat deck.
Music salon with bar with area of 150 sq.m. for 100 places and large opened area with beachchairs and tents are located on the shade deck.
A check-in deck with a recreation zone and a library are located on the main deck.
Conditioning, water supply and ventilation satisfies conditions of 4* hotel. Passenger elevator connects all passenger decks of the vessel.
Three diesels uses as main engine with a capacity of 736 kWt each. Movement and manoeuvrability of the vessel is provided by three fixed-pitch propellers in nozzles with diameter of 1800 mm and five rudders. Bow thruster is foreseen for passing locks and during mooring.
Power plant consists of 4 diesel-generators with capacity of 432 kWt each and emergency diesel-generators with capacity of 100 kWt.
Crew and maintenance staff (84 persons) is located in single, double and three-place cabins onto the lower deck (into vessel's hull) and onto the shade deck.
Lifesaving gear consists of four life boats and 46 inflatable freefall /droppable rafts.
Vessel satisfies an increased ecological safety standard. Closed sewage and domestic water systems are foreseen. All sewage and domestic waters are forwarded to collector tanks. There is also sewage water treatment plant.