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01.04.14 21:15
Two Armada type tankers commenced cargo transportation at the Azov-Don region

According to the Information Agency "PortNews", the sailing opening ceremony for the Azov-Don region took place at the Kochetov hydro station on 01.04.2013. Tanker "Armada Trader" became the first vessel that carried out locking through operation. She is of 005RST01 prj. "Volgo-Don Max" class vessel with marine/river deadweight of 6444/4726 tons; manager is Palmali Rostov Shipping Company (Alexey Mikhelev is a director).
The second locking through vessel was also 005RST01 tanker "Armada Navigator"; her manager is the same.
Project 005RST01 was developed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Armada tankers of the first series (10 vessels) were built in 2002-2006 at SELAH Shipyard and ADA Shipyard in Tuzla (Turkey). Keel of "Armada Trader" tanker was laid down on 10.09.03; she was launched on 26.04.04 and put into operation on 18.05.04. Keel of "Armada Navigator" tanker was laid down on 01.02.04; she was launched on 30.08.04 and put into operation on 20.10.04.
Until now Armada concept is a bright example of the innovation approach that fully ensured its validness and repay itself. There is list of FIRST TIME used at Armada concept ideas, as follows:
1. Full-circle rudder propellers were used as single movement and manoeuvre unit at mixed river-sea going vessels.
2. Heavy fuel oil was used.
3. Block coefficient of 0.9 was accepted. For the design year (2001) this was very attractive decision for self-propelled cargo vessel that was intended for marine work. It isn't surprised that the first critical paper concerning these vessels were published in 2010 only when several tens of vessels with such contours were under operation (probably our colleagues simply didn't believe to these numbers).
4. There are no longitudinal CL bulkheads in cargo area while MARPOL requirements due to double hull (i.e. double sides and bottom) are fully meet.
5. Full absence of a framing in cargo tanks.
6. Submergible cargo pumps usage.
7. Over deck construction (trunk) is used; it increases cargo tanks' capacity and ensures overall strength.
It was THE FIRST newbuilding project designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Vessels belong to tankers of "Volgo-Don Max" class. Deadweight is of 4726 t in river (draught of 3.6 m) and 6444 t in sea (draught of 4.3 m).
A lot of vessels was built on the basis of the first Armada series:
• 006RSD05 series of 8 dry cargo vessels (the same hull), "Heydar Aliev" type, Palmali Group of Companies is a customer (Volgograd Shipyard, 2004-2007);
• 006RSD02 dry cargo vessel (the same hull), "Nadezhda" type (Oks Shipyard, 2008);
• RST22 series of 7 tankers, New Armada type, Palmali Group of Companies is a customer ("Krasnoe Sormovo" Shipyard, 2008-2009);
• RST22M series of 7 tankers, New Armada type, Palmali Group of Companies is a customer (Besiktash Yalova Shipyard, 2010-2014, Yarmdidgi Tuzla Shipyard, 2013-2014, Armada Izmit Shipyard, 2014); series is under building now;
• 005RSD03 series of 12 dry cargo vessels (Armada truncated hull), "Karelia" type, OJSE "BOP" is a customer (Onega Shipyard, 2005-2010).
During ten years of active operational in very different conditions (river sailing; Caspian, Black, Mediterranean, Baltic and North Seas, etc.) the first Armadas have no problems with full-circle rudder propellers. Vessels' hulls are in ideal condition (transported cargoes were crude oil, mazut, diesel oil and other petroleum products, vegetable oils).