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15.12.13 16:08
Automobile-train ferryboat "Nikolay Aksenenko" (CNF12 prj.) commenced work at the line Crimea - Caucasus

A solemn presentation of the new automobile-train ferryboat "Nikolay Aksenenko" (CNF12 prj.) was carried out on 15.12.2003 at the port of Caucasus. This ferryboat is able to provide safe and comfortable transportation of 261 passengers and 43 automobiles at line Kuban - Crimea.
Shipowner is Anship Shipping Company (Alexander Monin is a general director, Sergey Dobryakov is a technical director).
This vessel is the first Russian automobile-train ferryboat, which will work at the line Caucasus - Crimea. This time Caucasus - Crimea crossing is provided by ferryboats "Eysk" (1987 built) and "Kerchenskiy-2" (1977 built) that belong to the Ukraine State Shipping Co. "Kerch ferry crossing".
CNF12 ferryboat has great social significance; many crossing users can talk about this, especially during resort season. Initiative of this vessel building belongs to Mr. Alexander Annenkov who is a promoter of the Anship Shipping Co. A lot of enterprises are associated with Mr. Annekov's name, as follows: creation of Makhachkala - Turkmenbashi and Makhachkala - Aktay crossings at Caspian Sea, renewal of Crimea - Caucasus train ferry crossing, creation of Caucasus - Varna train ferry crossing and Caucasus - Turkish ports automobile-passenger ferry crossing at the Black Sea, work of train crossing Ust-Luga - Baltiysk, renewal of Sebastopol automobile crossings; building of train ferryboats "Petrovskj" and "Anenkov" (002CNF01), "Avangard" (CNF06 prj.), "Slavyanin"(CNF09 prj.); tugboat "Bulbah" (TG03 prj) building, other successful business projects in the sphere of marine transport.
Shipyard "Yuzhniy Sevastopol" is a builder (Igor Chistyakov is a leader of the work).
Project CNF12 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Vessel is designed for transportation passengers and wheeled vehicles by roll-on method with help of the aft and fore cargo handling scheme.
Vessel's RRR class notation is of M-SP 3.5 (Ice 30).
The ferryboat can transport 261 passengers, 43 passenger cars or 4 lorries.
Allowable load of wheeled vehicles on the axle is as follows:
• 12 t for 4 wheels on the axle;
• 10 t for 2 wheels on the axle.
261 passengers are accommodated in two saloons with capacity of 80 and 58 persons, in VIP saloon with capacity of 30 persons and 93 persons on the tent protected open deck.
For comfortable passengers resting onboard the ferry the following is provided:
• ventilation and conditioning system;
• TV broadcasting through TV sets installed in passengers' saloons; also wireless Internet works;
• refreshment room;
• "mother and child" room with children's corner;
• separate public toilets for women and men;
• the elevator for disable persons.
Vessel's overall length is of 67.75 m, length between perpendiculars is of 63.15 m, overall breadth is of 12.00 m, designed breadth is of 11.60 m, depth is of 3.60 m.
The main engines are located in the aft, living and service areas are in the middle.
Two MDO diesels with capacity of 588 kW each are used as main engines.
Movement and manoeuvrability of the vessel is provided by two controllable pitch propellers with diameter of 1850 mm, by two rudders and two bow thrusters with capacity of 147 kWt each.
Operational speed is of 12.0 knots due to 85% capacity of main engines.
Autonomy by fuel stores is of 10 days.
The duty room with capability of storing and heating food is provided for the crew of 12 persons. Crew relaxation rooms are also provided.
The lead vessel "Nickolay Aksenenko" of CNF12 project was launched on 30.07.2013 and put into operation on 31.10.2013.