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02.12.13 12:21
Marine Engineering Bureau invites to visit its stand at the VII international shipbuilding exhibition "Transport week-2013" in Moscow

We invite you to visit Marine Engineering Bureau stand (No. C3.2) at the international exhibition "Transport week-2013", which will be held in Moscow at the complex "Gostiniy Dvor" during the period from 5th till 7th of December, 2013.
43 new vessels with total deadweight of 206 thousand tons designed by Marine Engineering Bureau for only 2012 "record" year.
As a whole, 220 river, sea going and river-sea going vessels were built due to 68 projects designed by Marine Engineering Bureau during 2002-2013 period (up to 25.11.2013). Moreover, 9 vessels are under finished building stage after launching and 20 vessels were on building berths of shipyards on this date.
Among them there are, as follows:
2 unique 4MWt salvage vessels "Spasatel Karev" and "Spasatel Kavdeykin" of MPSV07 project with ice class Arc 5 (built by Nevskiy shipyard in 2012-2013). They are the largest and the most sophisticated vessels built for the budget means due to the FPP for the development of RF transport system (2010-2015);
26 "super fat" mixed river-sea going tankers of RST27 project of "VF Tanker" type (built by Krasnoe Sormovo, Oka Shipyard, Kherson Shipyard, 2012-2013 years) of "Volgo-Don Max" type. Nobody has built such self-propelled vessels with block coefficient of 0.93 the world practice;
10 low air draught river dry cargo vessels of RSD44 project of "Stalingrad Heroes" type (built by Oka Shipyard, 2011-2012 years) of "Volgo-Don Max" type. These vessels can go through the bridges without drawing in St. Petersburg and in Rostov and also work through fixed bridges of Moscow river;
6 multipurpose mixed river-sea going dry cargo vessels of RSD49 project of "Neva-Leader" type (built by Neva Shipyard, 2012-2013 years) of "Volgo-Don Max" type. These vessels can transport large-sized cargoes in a special 52-meter hold besides bulk cargoes, containers, wood;
comfortable river cruise vessel "Alexander Grin" of PV08 project, which is the first in Russia since 1959 (built by "Brothers Nobel Shipyard", 2012 year). Her appearance proved practically that Russian Shipyards can build cruise vessels.
There were put into operation:
• 83 multipurpose dry cargo vessels of river-sea navigation of such types as "Neva-Leader", "Heydar Aliev", "Mirzaga Khalilov", "Caspian Express", "Azov Max", "Karelia", "Chelsea", "Khazar", "Nadezhda", "Tanais"," Geroi Stalingrada", "St. Georgiy", "Ommax", "Ptich", "UCF", "Leda" etc;
• 67 product tankers, bunkering tankers and chemical/oil tankers of such types as "Armada", "VF-Tanker", "Alexandr Shemagin", "New Armada", "Aston", "Paloil", "Roschem", "Gloster", "Kazan", "Ecomariner";
• 21 sea going dry cargo vessels of unrestricted sailing regions of such types as "Emi Proud", "Ametist", "Sparta", "Saxona", "Scala", "Eren-C", "Kaya Pioneer";
• 8 train-ferries of such types as "Petrovsk", "Skif", "Avangard", "Baltiysk", Slavyanin" and "Ulfat";
• 7 ice-class bulkers of such types as "Grumant", "Obahan-C", "Behcet-C";
• 4 livestock carriers;
• 4 sea-going diving boats of "Stolniy grad Yaroslavl" type;
• 4 shallow-draught icebreaking tugs of "Portoviy" type;
• 4 supply vessels of "Sosnovka" type;
• 3 transport support tugs for Caspian Sea of "Phoenix"type;
• 3 multifunction buoy-crafts of such types as "Dmitry Sirotkin" and "Ladozhsky";
• 2 multifunctional 4MWt salvage vessels of unrestricted marine sailing regions with high ice class Arc 5 of "Spasatel Karev" type;
• 2 self-opened mud scows of "KSh" type;
• car-passenger ferry "Nickolay Aksenenko";
• gas carrier "Bulmarket" of LPG type;
• river cruise passenger ship "Aleksandr Green";
• passenger vessel "Imperia" for Russian Caucasian region;
• pleasure crafts "Neva", "Bars" and "Kavkaz" for VIP passengers;
• ship-handling tug "Bulbash".
This moment a lot of vessels are under building, e.g.: ice class multi-purpose salvage vessels and sea diving vessels for Russian Federation, transport tug-suppliers for Caspian Sea, 2 passenger vessels, train ferries for Black Sea, up-to-date marine and river-sea going dry cargo vessels and tankers, river cargo vessels of "Volga-max" class with decreased freeboard dimensions, tankers of RST27 prj. with enlarged block coefficient and some other innovation projects.