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18.07.13 10:29
New multi-purpose service vessel "Caucasus" of increased comfort class joined the fleet of the Marine Administration of port of Novorossiysk

On 18.07.13 the new multi-purpose service vessel of increased comfort class of PV07 project for Marine Administration of port of Novorossiysk was put into operation.
The vessel is built on Hidrodinamik Shipyard (HIDRODINAMIK Gemi San ve Ticaret A.S.) in Tuzla (Turkey).
Project PV07 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
The multi-purpose vessel is intended for fulfilling functions of control and communication at Black Sea-Azov basin while providing marine search and rescue operations, as well as during regional and international exercises, marine patrolling Russian ports water of the Black and Azov Seas.
The vessel is steel double-deck twin-screw motor ship with overall length of 45.84 m, with breadth of 8.94 m, with 2 tiers superstructure made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, with engine room located aft and bridge located fore, with ramped stem and transom aft end.
Vessel's operational speed is of 17 kn at 90% of main engines (2 x 1343 kW) capacity.
Propeller-rudder gear consists of 2 fixed pitch propellers and 2 streamline hanged balanced rudders. The bow thruster with capacity of 55 kW is foreseen for enhancing maneuverability at low speeds, during the passage through gateways and during mooring operations.
Two diesel-generators with capacity of 110 kW each are installed to provide electricity for at the vessel. The set of accumulator batteries is provided as an emergency electricity source.
Special staff and passengers are located in 5 single (double) cabins on the lower deck and in 2 single cabins with individual lavatory on the bridge deck.
The crew (5 persons) is located in 3 single and 1 double cabins on the lower deck (in the hull of the vessel).
All the cabins are equipped with air conditioning, TV with satellite and vessel's channels, with vessel's broadcast and internal telephone systems. TV programs translation is implemented via vessel's computer network by IPTV technology, by using multimedia units.
Several passenger compartments are foreseen on board, as follows: saloon with entrance to the open veranda on the bridge deck, fore saloon, office, hall, universal conference room and dining room.
The equipment of external communication meets the requirements for GMDSS A1 region.
Vessel's control is done by single operator from the wheelhouse. The electric remote automated control system of main engines is installed in the wheelhouse.
The video surveillance system of outer areas is foreseen. All the cameras are of color type, with high resolution, with optical zoom and automatic focus. The video recording system from all cameras is also foreseen.
The lifesaving equipment consists of 3-persons duty motor boats, 2 inflatable free fall 20-persons liferafts.
The vessel satisfies the up-to-date environmental safety standards. The closed sewage and service waters system is provided; all waters are forwarded into collecting tanks. Vessel's autonomy due to the conditions of environmental safety is not less than 5 days, due to sewage keeping is not less than 4 days.
Autonomy by fuel is not less than 2 days (at full speed). Cruising range with full fuel oil stores is not less than 1200 nautical miles.
Autonomy by fresh water is 3 days.