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06.04.13 17:36
Two lead vessels of RST27 and RSD49 projects of Marine Engineering Bureau included in the list "Significant Ships of 2012" of Royal Institution of Nav

RINA (Royal Institution of Naval Architects) published a list and descriptions of the best vessels of 2012 (Significant Ships of 2012). Among the fifty vessels of various destinations, types and sizes (from sea cruise vessels to supertankers), selected by the world oldest shipbuilders community there were included two lead vessels "VF Tanker - 1" and "Neva-Leader-1" designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (projects RST27 and RSD49 respectively).
Both vessels were built for the companies ("V.F.Tanker" and "Western Shipping Company") included in the VBTH Holding; international transport group Universal Cargo Logistics Holding (UCLH) is a majority stockholder of VBTH holding. UCLH consolidates a group of Russian navigation, stevedoring and shipbuilding companies.
Tanker "VF Tanker-1" of RST27 project with sea/ river deadweight of 7022/5420 t was built at JSC "Krasnoe Sormovo". Dry cargo vessel "Neva-Lider 1" of RSD49 project with deadweight of 7143 t was built at Nevsky Shipyard.
Besides the "Krasnoe Sormovo" Shipyard, also Oka Shipyard builds RST27 project tankers (12 ones, 9 of them were put into operation in 2012) also Oka Shipyard builds (15 vessels, 6 of them were put into operation in 2012) and Kherson Shipyard (3 vessels, the lead vessel was put into operation in 2013)
These vessels have the record-breaking block coefficient of 0.93. Vessel showed the speed of 11.7 knots on the measuring line while power was of 2100 kWt (87.5% of ME capacity) and draughts were of 3.2 fore and 3.3 m aft. Contract deadweight of 6980/5378 tons was exceeded by 42 tons, the contract speed was exceeded by more than a knot.
New project tanker has increased river function comparing with other MEB projects. River deadweight of RST27 prj. vessels is increased for 716 t comparing to Armadas, while:
• hull strength increasing (vessel is of R2 sailing region, or region II due to old RS classification);
• practically keeping the same fuel consumption;
• keeping increased capacity of cargo tanks.
Dry cargo vessels of RSD49 project besides Nevsky Shipyard (10 vessels, 2 of them were put into operation in 2012 ) also Astrakhan Shipyard "Lotos" builds (2 vessels, the lead vessel was put into operation in 2013 ). At the same time displacement of the vessels of RSD49 project, nowadays, is the largest among the cargo vessels satisfying the dimensions of the Volga-Don Shipping canal. RSD49 prj. vessel's feature is a big middle hold of 52 m long as diversity from all other "Volga-Don Max" type projects designed by MEB. This hold allows to transport large-sized cargoes in direct voyages from Europe to Caspian Sea; such point should significantly increase economic effect of vessels' operation.