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26.03.13 14:01
Shipping Company ARK SHIPPING accepted into operation not self-propelled methanol carrier/tanker for the Northern part of Caspian Sea

Shipping Company ARK SHIPPING (Nickolay Sochin is a general director) accepted into operation not self-propelled chemical tanker for methanol transportation. Vessel's deadweight is of 1267 tons. The vessel will operate between Bautino and block D of the Kashagan field in the North Caspian.
Not self-propelled chemical tanker is a vessel which is converted from the barge of 81370 project.
ROB17 project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
The works were carried out by specialists of JSC "Kranservis" at shipbuilding and ship-repair shipyard named for International III (Astrakhan).
Vessel's Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation is of KE R3-RSN Chemical tanker type 3.
"Ice1" is the vessel's hull ice class.
This chemical tanker is a single-deck not self-propelled platform barge with ten horizontal rectangular tanks on the deck.
The vessel can transport three sorts of cargo simultaneously, including methanol.
Total capacity of ten cargo tanks is of 1480 cub. m, deadweight is about 1267 tons at draught of 1.847 m.
Auxiliary power installation consists of a harbour diesel generator with capacity of 15 kW and main diesel generator capacity of 168 kW.
Control of cargo operations and cargo pumps is carried out from DGR and area of manifolds.
Control of ballast pumps is carried out from DGR and the area of ballast pumps' installation.
Re-equipment works were fulfilled, as follows:
• hull constructions were reinforced, including mounting of hull ice reinforcement;
• DGR, SIG and duty rooms are organized on the main deck in the fore end. A cofferdam separates this compartments from cargo area;
• anchor gear is replaced (new high holding capacity anchors and capstans are installed, chain lockers are incresed;
• ballast system is modernized including two ballast-drainage pumps arrangement;
• additional cargo pump and two stripper pumps are installed;
• several new systems are foreseen, including regulated gas extraction system, cargo vapour release system, tanks ventilation system, inert gas system, hull spraying system;
• protective sheet is installed, foundations for the newly installed equipment, companion hatches and manholes are replaced.