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13.03.13 11:54
The keel of the first in the series of 3 bunkering tankers of RT18 project at Yaroslavl Shipyard

On 13.03.2013 solemn ceremony of keel lading of the first in the series of 3 bunkering tankers of RT18 project (building No is 10901) took place at Yaroslavl Shipyard. Svetlana Chekalova is a general director.
FSUC "Rechvodput" of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation is a customer.
Project RT18 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Bunkering tanker is designed for receiving from the shore or another vessel, transportation, delivery to the shore or another vessel petroleum products with a flash point more than 60°C. The transportation of diesel oil and lubricating oil (with viscosity of 50 Cst at 50° C) is provided also.
Vessel's navigation area includes Russian inland waterways appropriated to the area O 2.0.
Bunkering tanker is a steel single-deck self-propelled twin-screw vessel with the forecastle and poop, with transom aft end, with the engine room and deck-house located aft, with double bottom and double sides, with trunk in the cargo tanks area, with fore bow thruster.
Vessel's principal dimensions are as follows:
Length overall is about 61.29 m;
Length between perpendiculars is of 59.60 m;
Breadth overall is about 10.42 m;
Breadth (due waterline) is of 10.00 m;
Depth is of 2.60 m;
Design draught is of 2.00 m;
Autonomy is of 15 days;
Deadweight is of 517 t;
Summarized capacity of cargo diesel tanks is of 526 cub. m.;
Summarized capacity of cargo oil tanks is of 56 cub. m.;
Summarized capacity of settling tanks is of 26 cub. m.;
Capacity of ballast tanks is of 521 cub.m.;
Cargo pumps capacity of diesel is of 50 cub. m. per hour each;
Cargo pumps capacity of lubricating oils is of 25 cub. m per hour each;
Speed is about 9 kn.
RRR class notation is of: O 2.0 (ice 30) A.
2 fixed pitch propellers and 2 full-balanced rudders are placed in the aft end in order to provide specified vessel's speed and manoeuvrability. To improve manoeuvrability at low speed, during passing the narrow waters and during mooring operations the bow thruster of the "screw in the pipe" type with fixed pitch propeller with capacity of 55 kW is provided.
Main propulsion unit consists of two diesel engines with maximum continuous capacity of 221 kW each.
Electro-hydraulic steering machine is used as steering gear.
Hydraulic crane with lifting capacity of 1.0 t and with handling radius of 12 m is foreseen for the supplying and demounting hoses, for lifting and lowering the outboard gangway, for booms installation.
Vessel's spill set is foreseen in order to prevent environment contamination in the case of cargo spillage during cargo loading operations.
Cargo system provides closed cargo receiving by shore equipment and cargo discharge by vessel's submersible pumps. The system provides cargo operations for loading and unloading simultaneously of 4 cargo varieties, e.g. two types of diesel oil and two types of lubricating oil.
Crew consists of 7 persons.
The keel of the lead vessel of RT18 project 13 (building No is of 10901) was laid on 13.03.