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20.11.12 13:57
"Brothers Nobel Shipyard" launched the third tanker of RST25 prj. "Yuliy Makarenkov"

On November 20, 2012 "Brothers Nobel Shipyard" (Dmitry Bystrov is a manage director) effected launching of the third tanker of RST25 prj. "Yuliy Makarenkov".with deadweight in sea/river of 6710/5229 with increased ecological standard.
Shipyard is included in "Moscow River Steamship Company" (Constantine Anisimov is a general director) that ordered the series of 3 river-sea going tankers. Tankers are delivered to the shipping company due to leasing scheme; "GasTechLeasing" are dealing as Customer of the tankers and is going to forward the complete vessels to the leasing at MRS Co.
At the solemn ceremony of launching of tanker chairman of the Board of directors of OJSC "Moscow River Shipping" Vadim Berezin, president of Yaroslavl commercial and industrial chamber Valery Lavrov, President of Rybinsk commercial and industrial chamber Sergey Kuzenev, members of Julia Makarenkov's family, partners and employees were attended, according to the Moscow River Steamship Company" (
Vessels are named in honour of Soviet period heads of Moscow River Shipping Company (MRS Co.).
Yuliy Trophimovich Makarenkov (whose name tanker should carry) was born in 1929. He was a Head of Moscow River Shipping Co. from 1977 till 1986.
Yuliy Makarenkov has created fine financial-technical base and its infrastructure in the Serpukhov (harbour, new workshops, club for stuff, kindergarten, living houses). Transportation method using force-bending trains was accepted during his heading. There was active process of building of cargo, passenger and technical fleet. Moscow South River terminal was built. Reconstruction of yards, terminals, berths was carried out. Vessels of "Moscow" series were launched by big parties including for export needs. Moscow River Shipping Co. was decorated with Labour Red Flag Order for working advance and achievements.
Yuliy Makarenkov himself was decorated with Peoples Friendship Order, Honour Mark Order, medals, department honour signs. He was also a RF Honour Transport Worker.
Project RST25 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Vessel of RST25 prj. is being built for Russian River Register (RRR) class notation of M-SP 4.5 (ice 40) A ECO3.
Special requirements of the Russian and world petroleum companies, additional ecological limitations of RRR ECO3 class ("CLEAN DESIGN" according to DNV classification) were taken into consideration during designing of RST25 prj. tankers.
For the first time such class notation was assigned in Russia to RST22 prj. tanker built in 2008.
Vessels of RST25 project are assigned for river-sea and sea transportation of crude oil and oil products, including benzine, without flash point restrictions, with providing of cargo transportation with keeping of 50 degr. C. temperature. Simultaneous transportation of 2 cargo kinds is ensured.
Using full-circle rudder propellers as movement and manoeuvre facilities, using submersible pump, full absence of a framing in cargo tanks, enlarged trunk are characteristic features of RST25 project vessel. These vessels have no longitudinal bulkhead in CL.
Vessel satisfies the dimensions of the Volga-Don canal and Volga-Baltic way. Overall RST25 prj. vessel length is of 139.99 m, breadth is of 16.6 m, depth is of 5.5 m.
Vessels belong to "Volga-Don Max" tankers' type.
New project tanker have increased river function, increased deadweight for 410 tons in river conditions and increased total cargo tanks capacity with keeping sea possibilities in comparison with vessels of "Armada" type.
Total capacity of six cargo tanks and two slop ones is of 6990 cub. m, deadweight is about 6610 tons when sea draught is of 4.17 m. Deadweight is about 5130 tons when river draught is of 3.60 m. Cruising speed is of 10.5 knots.
Two medium-speed diesels (main engine) of 1200 kWt each use heavy fuel oil with viscosity of IFO380.
Autonomy is of 20 days.
Crew consists of 12 persons (14 places).
Keel of RST25 prj lead vessel "Alexandr Shemagin" was laid down on 21.12.10. She was launched on 15.11.11 and put into operation on 26.07.12.
Keel of RST25 prj second vessel "Pavel Yudin" was laid down on 17.05.11. She was launched on 28.08.12.
Keel of RST25 prj third vessel "Yuliy Makarenkov" was laid down on 01.11.11. She was launched on 20.11.12.