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04.01.06 11:51
Dry-cargo vessels' keels were laid down for "Palmali" group

At the turn of the December, 2005 keels of five multi-purpose sea going dry-cargo motorships of RSD17 prj. with deadweight about 6270 tons were laid down the. 03001, 03002, 03003 building numbers were laid down on 26.12.05, 03004 one - on 28.12.05, 03005 - 29.12.05. Shipyard "Krasnoe Sormovo" is included in group of the companies "Marine and oil-and-gas projects" (MOP). Nikolay Zharkov is a general director of "Krasnoe Sormovo".
The series of five vessels is being built for Palmali group.
Project RSD17 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Vessel's Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class is of KM LU2 I A1.
RSD17 prj. vessels belong to so-called "Azov 5000" type due to MEB internal classification. The vessel is of increased cargo capacity. For characterized draught of 4.5 m for river-mouth Russian Azov ports vessels' deadweight is about 5260 tons.
The vessels are assigned for transportation of general, bulk, timber, grain and large-sized cargoes, 8'.5 and 9' ISO containers, dangerous goods of 1.4S, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 classes and cargoes of category B of BC Code. Sailing regions are Mediterranean, Caspian, Black, Baltic, White, North Seas, including voyages around Europe and to Irish Sea in winter.
Vessels' overall dimensions (including free-board) allow to carry out voyages through Volga-Don Canal and Volga-Baltic Way from sea areas to Caspian Sea. RSD17 prj. vessels' overall length is of 117.1 m, breadth is of 16.50 m, depth is of 6.20 m.
Capacity of three cargo holds is of 9370 cub.m total, deadweight is of 6270 tons with the sea draught of 5.06 m, deadweight is of 3530 tons with the river draught is of 3.60 m. Vessel's gantry crane moves the hatch covers of removable type.
Vessels are of single-screw type, cruising speed is of 11.5 kn. Vessel's main engine (medium-speed diesel) capacity is of 2450 kWt. Shaft generator capacity is of 500 kWt (the shaft generator can work as a reserve engine, providing speed of 5 kn). Heavy fuel oil (masout with viscosity till 380 сSt) is the basic fuel. Bow thruster capacity is of 300 kWt.
Fuel autonomy is of 20 day. Crew consists of 12 persons.