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12.09.12 09:56
Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company successfully carried out transporting of heavy-weight cargoes

OJSC"Ob-Irtysh River Shipping" successfully carried out transporting of three heavy-weight cargoes (HWC) from the Noviy Port (Gulf of Ob) to the places for unloading cargo on the river Sosva and in the area of village Sergino on the river Ob.
HWC transportation was carried out by three self-propelled dry-cargo barges of 942M project re-equipped with the ramp - "MP-482", "MP-489" and "MP-496". The project of ramp's mount was designed by DB of "Ob-Irtysh River Shipping Company." HWC transportation project, including all the necessary documents, calculations and validations, was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
A gas turbine as a part of transfer module with the total weight of 384 tons, the steam turbine onto the transport frame with the total weight of 207 tons, the steam turbine generator in the transport frame with the total weight of 412 tons were presented for transportation.
One barge was transporting one transport place.
HWC loading was carried out vertically. in Noviy Port in the period from August 12 to 15.
Barges' hulls were previously strengthened for transportation. Cargoes were set up at special constructed foundations and were detached.
Whereas unloading was planned to implement horizontally using the multiaxis platform, the foundations' height and the distance between them was chosen for the breadth and height of the platform.
The unloading of HWC was carried out on an unequipped shore while the barges were grounded at the time of cargo's unloading.
The barge "MP-428" was the last unloaded barge and unloading was carried out on August 27.