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12.05.12 20:04
Marine Engineering Bureau invites to visit its stand at the III international forum "Marine industry of Russia" at Moscow

We invite you to visit Marine Engineering Bureau stand (No. B57) at the III international forum "Marine industry of Russia". Forum will take place in Moscow during period from 23rd till 25th of May, 2012 in "Gostiny Dvor" exhibition hall.
10 vessels with summarized deadweight of 43 000 tons were built only during 4.5 months of 2012, as follows: 2 tanker/product carriers ("Mugan" of RST22M prj. and "VF Tanker-1" of RST27 prj.), 4 dry-cargo vessels ("Kapitan Shumilov" and "Kapitan Kanatov" of RSD44 prj., "Malachite" and "Nephrite" of DCV36 prj.), 3 supply tugs for Caspian Sea of TG05 prj. ("Phoenix", "Orion" and "Hercules") and 1 livestock carrier "Zaher-I" of LSC04 prj.
There are a lot of vessels under construction due to Marine Engineering Bureau projects, as follows: high ice class multi-purpose salvage icebreaker of MPSV06 prj., ice class multi-purpose salvage vessels of MPSV07 prj., sea diving vessel of SDS08 prj., multi-purpose buoy laying vessels of BLV02 prj., river icebreaking tugs of TG04M prj., supply vessels for Kamchatka of DCV47 prj., tankers with increased block coefficient of RST27 prj., tankers of sea and mixed river-sea navigation region of RST05, RST11, ST20, RST22M, RST25 and RST26 prjs., dry-cargo vessels of RSD18, DCV36, RSD49 prjs., two river cruise passenger vessels of PV06 and PV08 prjs, train ferry for Black Sea of CNF10 prj. and some other innovation ones.
Scientific qualification, extensive experience of the particular developments, modern computer technologies and advanced infrastructure, available for employees of the Marine Engineering Bureau, allow solving the problems arising at operation of ships qualitatively and in the shortest terms.
Our motto remains unchanged - "Reliability, efficiency and the European quality".