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18.04.12 10:21
Passage of "Feruz" was successfully completed after setting ferry afloat

Passage from the port of Samsoon (Turkey) to the port of Burgas (Bulgaria) of the train ferry "Feruz" was successfully completed. Shipyard in Burgas started the repair of hull and propulsion and steering complex, vessel is located at shipyard's dock.
As it was informed earlier in mass media, on February 8-9, 2012 it was whole gale near the port of Samsoon. Ferry "Feruz" grounded near aquapark of Samsoon in the conditions of storm wind and roughness while operating on the line port of Caucasus - port of Poty - port of Samsoon.
There were following results of the shipwreck for "Feruz": rifts and deformations of the hull of PS bilge and of side shell in the 43-215 fr. Area; deformations of bilge keels; damage of propellers and nozzles, PS rudder blade; bow thruster was failed. Crew was not injured and environment was not polluted.
On February 9 Emergency Response Service (ERS) of Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) started to analyze the situation and checking of vessel's strength and stability due to shipowner's request. Calculation were carried out subject to destroyed bottom constructions and flooded ballast tanks and dry compartments, generally, PS tanks were flooded (ballast tanks 8 PS, 9 PS, 10 PS and StB, 11 PS, 12 PS, dry compartments 2 SP, 6A PS, 9A PS, 10A PS, fresh water tank and dry compartment G were damaged).
One time trip of the vessel on the line port of Samsoon (Turkey) - port of Burgas (Bulgaria) was approved after complex activities of setting vessel afloat and her moving out from narrow basin of aqua-park. Trip will be carried out to the repair base (shipyard was chosen by insurance company).
Calculation of MEB ERS showed that ultimate strength of "Feruz" with excluded bottom constructions from hull equivalent girder satisfied RS requirements according to R3-RSN class notation with 41% safety factor. Stability and damaged stability fully satisfied Rules requirements.
One time trip of the "Feruz" ferry was carried out along southern and western coast of Black Sea (in 20-miles zone with 3% probability wave height of the 2.5 m) after permission's getting from Maritime Malta Administration.