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15.12.11 12:47
Mv "St. Constantine" modernization for HFO usage is completed

OJSE "Kherson Shipyard" completed mv "St. Constantine" modernization (2003 built) for HFO usage.
Modernization was commenced in May, 2011 and was completed in December of the same year.
"Dawson Shipping" ia a shipowner (Igor Gaponov is a director).
Modernization project was designed by Marine Engineer Bureau.
Modernization main aim was to provide main engine work using IFO 380 HFO, original main engine arranged during building worked using diesel oil.
Shipyard performed works as follows:
• existing main engine changing for WARTSILA 9L20 model;
• existing exhaust boiler changing for AALBORG UNEX™ P-3 model;
• existing fuel apparatus changing for ALFA LAVAL model and ALFA LAVAL HFO separator;
• new ALFA LAVAL lub. oil arrangement;
• re-arranging existing axial bearing and reduction gear onto polymerous paste.
Modernization project included check-up of power station loading calculation. It was shown that existing diesel-generators capacity is enough to provide normal work of power station at all regimes, so diesel-generators were kept without alternations.
Form of deadwood fairing was alternated for vessel's propulsion properties enhancing. This measure provides screw propeller optimal work with new main engine without changes of reduction gear and shaft line.
RS Rules requirements to the vessels with AUT1 classification characteristic (machinery unit operation without permanent personal presence in machinery compartments) was taken into consideration during modernization.
"St. Constantine" is assigned for transportation of general cargoes, ore, ore concentrates, coal, building materials, large-sized cargoes, ISO type TEU and FEU, grain, timber, sulphur.
Vessel's main particulars are as follows:
Length overall, m - 103.2;
Breadth overall, m - 16.4;
Height, m - 6.2;
Draught, m:
- in river - 3.75;
- is sea (summer freeboard draught) - 4.58;
Deadweight, t:
- for draught 3.75 m (in river) - about 3000;
- for draught 4.58 m (in sea) - about 4430;
Autonomy, days - 20;
Speed, kn - 11;
Crew/places - 9/12.
After modernization RS class notation KM L3 R1 AUT1 was confirmed.