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14.12.11 13:53
Firstling Marine Engineering Bureau tanker "Armada Leader" (005RST01 prj.) reached 10-years level

Mixed river-sea going tanker "Armada Leader" of 005RST01 prj. is the first vessel built due to Marine Engineering Bureau project. On 13.12.2011 she has passed second Classification Survey.
First series "Armads" were built in 2002-2006 at SELAH and ADA Shipyards in Tuzla (Turkey) for Palmali Group.
"Armada" concept till now is a very bright innovation approach that was fully realized and repaid. List of its FIRSTLY used innovations is as follows:
1. Usage of full-turn rudder propellers as united movement and manoeuvre facilities for mixed river-sea going vessels.
2. Heave fuel oil usage.
3. Hull block coefficient is accepted about 0.9.
4. Full correspondence with MARPOL requirements concerning double contour (double bottom and double sides) and absence of longitudinal bulkhead in CL of cargo area.
5. Full absence of a framing in cargo tanks.
6. Usage of using submersible cargo pump.
7. Usage of above-deck construction (trunk) that ensures general longitudinal strength and increases cargo tanks capacity.
It was the FIRST project of new vessel designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Vessels belong to "Volgo-Don Max" type tankers. Deadweight is of 4726 t in river (draught of 3.60 m) and is of 6444 t in sea (draught is of 4.30 m).
Vessels' series built on thr basis of "Armada" are as follows:
• 8 dry cargo vessels (with the same hull as Armada's one) of "Heydar Aliev" type (006RSD05 prj.) for Palmali Group, Volgograd Shipyard, 2004-2007;
• 1 dry cargo vessel (with the same hull as Armada's one) of "Nadezhda" type (006RSD02 prj.), Oka Shipyard, 2008;
• 7 tankers of "New Armada" type (RST22 prj.) for Palmali Group, Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard, 2008-2009;
• 5 tankers of "New Armada" type (RST22M prj.) for Palmali Group, Besiktas Shipyard, Yalova, 2010-2011 (series is under building now);
• 12 dry cargo vessels (with shorten Armada's hull) of Kareliya type (005RSD03 prj.) for OJSE BOP, Onega Shipyard, 2005-2010.
After practically 10-years active operation in different regions (river conditions; Caspian, Black, Mediterranean, Baltic and North Seas, etc.) "Armada Leader" had no problems with full-turn rudder propeller. Vessel's hull is of ideal condition; vessel has transported crude oil, mazut, diesel oil, other oil products and vegetable oils.
Vessel passed second classification survey during four days.