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03.11.11 10:29
"Sosnovka-1" and "Sosnovka-2" has successful arrived to the place of destination at Petropavlosk-Kamchatskiy

On the November 2, 2011 two support vessels of DCV47 prj. "Sosnovka-1" (building No. 10500)and "Sosnovka-2" (building No. 10501 ) arrived to Petropavlosk-Kamchatskiy.
Vessel should be operated by Kamchatsk Region State Unitary Enterprise "KamchatTransFlot" due to press service of Kamchatsk Region information. Crews from "KamchatTransFlot" have delivered vessels from Vladivostok in self propelled regime.
This moment vessels are on the roads of Avachinsk Bay. The deputy of Kamchatsk Region Government Victor Pisarenko told as follows: "At the nearest time RosImuschestvo will issue documents due to vessels transfer to the Kamchatsk Region property. Both barges will work near Kamchatsk coast during this year November and December. "Sosnovka-1" and "Sosnovka-2" are going to transport cargoes along western and eastern peninsula's coasts.
Maritime and River Fleet Federal Agency of RF Transport Ministry is a customer. Vessels are being built in accordance with Federal purpose plan "Economical and social development of Far East and Transbaikalia till 2013".
"Sosnovka-1" and "Sosnovka-2" vessels were built at Sosnovka Shipyard (Murat Duguzhev is a general director).
Vessel's project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Vessels are of seagoing ro-ro self-propelled barge type with cargo lifting capacity of 250 t.
Vessels are assigned for general, bulk, containers, wheel and track vehicles (roll-on method) transportations; cargo loading/unloading on the roads; cargo delivery to unequipped shore with drainage ability on sand-gravel soil and providing horizontal unloading of delivered cargo with help of bow ramp or with help of onboard cargo crane.
Vessel's principal dimensions are as follows:
Length overall is of 42.60 m;
Length between perpendiculars is of 38.40 m;
Breadth overall is about 8.82 m;
Breadth is of 8.60 m;
Draught (summer free board) is of 2.0 m;
Full speed is of 9 kn;
Main engines capacity is of 2 x 256 kWt.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class is of KM Ice2 R1 AUT3 OMBO.
Permitted load on cargo deck is of 15 tons per wheel vehicle axis or track vehicle weight up to 60 t.
Container capacity is of 12 TEU.
Cargo crane's capacity is of 7.3 t (while boom is of 20 m).
The keel of lead supply vessel "Sosnovka-1" of DCV47 project (building No. is of 10500) was laid down on 13.01.10. She was launched on 13.05.11 and put into operation 06.08.11.
The keel of the second supply vessel in the series "Sosnovka-2" (building No. is of 10501) was laid down on 18.01.10. She was launched on 25.05.11 and put into operation on 06.08.11.
The keel of the third supply vessel in the series "Sosnovka-3" (building No. is of 10502) was laid down on 28.02.11.
The keel of the fourth supply vessel "Sosnovka-4" of DCV47 project (building No. is of 10503) was laid down on 11.03.11.