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26.07.11 12:17
Kherson Shipyard laid down keels of two tankers of RST26 project

On July 22, 2011 Kherson Shipyard (Vasiliy Fedin is a general director) laid down sections of lead and second tankers of RST26 project with deadweight of 4600/2820 tons in sea/river.
Project RST26 is designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Vessel of RST26 prj. is being built for Russian River Register (RRR) class notation of M-SP 3.5.
Vessel of RST26 prj. is assigned for river-sea and sea transportation of crude oil and oil products, including benzine, without flash point restrictions.
There are following characteristic features of RST26 prj. vessels: longitudinal bulkhead in CL, cargo pumps' room, full absence of a framing in cargo tanks, developed trunk.
Vessels satisfy the dimensions of the Volga-Don canal, Volga-Baltic way and Belomor-Baltic canal.
Overall RST26 prj. vessel length is of 118.87 m, breadth is of 13.0 m, depth is of 5.8 m.
Total capacity of eight cargo tanks and two slop ones is of 5009 cub. m, deadweight is about 4600 tons when sea draught is of 4.784 m. Deadweight is about 2820 tons when river draught is of 3.60 m. Cruising speed is of 10.0 knots.
Two medium-speed diesels (main engine) of 567 kWt each use diesel fuel MDO with flash point more than 60 degrees.
Autonomy is of 12 days.
Crew consists of 12 persons (16 places).
Keels of lead and second in the series tankers of RST26 project were laid down on 22.07.11 at Kherson Shipyard. It is supposed to put vessels into operation in 2012.