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17.07.11 00:21
Shipyard "Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod" celebrated own 100-year old anniversary with deliver of buoy craft "Dmitry Sirotkin" to "ROSMORPORT"

On July 15, 2011 (strictly under the Building Contract's date delivery) Shipyard "Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod" (Sergey Konovalov is a director) and North-West Basin branch of Federal State unitary enterprise (FSUE) "ROSMORPORT" (Sergey Pulin is a director) signed Delivery and Acceptance Certificate of buoy craft "Dmity Sirotkin" of BLV01 prj.
The vessel was named after Nizhegorod industrialist, ship-owner, known public figure Dmitry Vasil'evich Sirotkin. He founded "Engineering plant Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod" in Zavolzh'e (opposite to Nizhniy Novgorod) exactly hundred years ago in 1911. Self-propelled tankers and diesel tugs (motor ships), oil-barges for Caspian sea, Volga and Mariinska system were built on Shipyard "Nizhegorodskiy Teplokhod". Building of motor ships, in fact, reflects the name of the Shipyard.
On June 30, 2011 solemn flag hoist on buoy-craft "Dmitry Sirotkin" was took place at International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS) with participation of Deputy Minister of Transport of Russian Federation Viktor Olersky in Saint-Petersburg as previously reported.
On June 28, 2011 vessel successfully passed sailing trials, including heavy buoys of BMBL-78 type test mounting and lifting aboard, and unfolding of oil spill response facilities.
Members of acceptance board and vessel's crew marked high quality of completed work, wide vessel's functionality, excellent propulsive and maneuverable performances (which are fit for the vessel's purpose) and also nice habitability conditions.
Specialists paid their attention on consistency while vessel's building, effective engineering cooperation of the Customer, Shipbuilder and Designer at all stages (from development of technical requirements to vessel trials in real conditions).
Project BLV01 was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Buoy craft is assigned for mounting of navigation buoys at port area and port approach ways, also maintenance and unmounting of these buoys.
Sailing region is area of sea port of St. Petersburg (including mouth parts of Neva river), and ports of Primorsk, Vyisotsk, Vyiborg, Ust'-Luga.
Vessel is of singe-deck double-screw type with forecastle, transom stern and stern crinoline, with fore operational deck that allows to place 4 buoys of BMBL-78 type with anchor gear simultaneously, with main engines and living deck-house located aft, with cargo crane that provides buoys' operation.
Vessel's principal dimensions are as follows:
Overall length is of 43.09 m;
Length between perpendiculars is of 35.89 m;
Overall breadth is about of 10.20 m;
Breadth of the summer load line level is of 9.20 m;
Depth is of 3.30 m;
Summer freeboard load line is of 2.5 m;
Full cruising speed is of 10 kn;
Endurance is of 7 days.
Russian Maritime Register of shipping class notation is of KM Ice 3 R2-RSN AUT3-C.
Two full-circle rudder propellers (FSRP) SPR 330 FP with capacity of 405 kWt each are used as movement and maneuverability gear. Diameter of fixed pitch propellers in nozzles is of 1.2 m.
Energy to the FSRP unit is transferred through Z-gear from high-speed diesels Volvo Penta D16MH with capacity of 405 kWt each.
Hull's theoretical forms were defined using calculating hydromechanics methods (CFD modeling).
Vessel's fore end has increased ice strengthening.
Cargo hydraulic crane with cargo lifting capacity of 8 tons with handling radius of 10.0 m provides main vessel's functions: mounting, unmounting and maintenance of navigation buoys. Crane can be operated during heaving of the sea up to 3 forces without loss of cargo lifting capacity with maximum handling radius.
Hydraulic lifts are used for anchors' discharging from the main deck (anchors with weight up to 3 tons) during buoys' mounting.
Working boat can be used for floating beacons' maintenance.
It is possible to transport boom deployment and equipment during vessel's participation in oil spill response operations.
Hydrographic DGPS-receiver, hydrographic echosounder, sensing head for measuring of vertical sound speed in water and side-scanning sonar are used for hydrographical and survey vessel's works.
Special cargo tank with capacity about 53 cub. m. is located fore and assigned for acceptance of sewage water from vessels.
It is supposed to continue building of buoy crafts of BLV01 prj. for other branches of FSUE after optimization of main designing decisions onto head vessel.
Keel of "Dmitry Sirotkin" vessel (building No 901) was laid down on 15.07.10. She was launched on 28.04.11. Flag hoist was on 30.06.11. She was put into operation on 15.07.11.