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01.06.11 12:59
Second livestock carrier of RS class left for voyage

On May 19, 2011 Turkish shipyard Torlak (Tuzla) put into operation special vessel for livestock transportation of LSC03 project with deadweight is of 6490 tons.
Vessel's name is Abou Karim III.
Vessel's project (LSC03) was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
The vessel is assigned for transportation of livestock (5700 units of cattle) on 9 decks on routes South America - Middle East and Australia - Middle East.
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is of KM Livestock carrier.
Vessel is steel nine-decks single-screw motorship, with overall length of 122.77 m, breadth of 19.40 m, with full length superstructure (depth up to main deck is of 12.3 m), with engine-room, living quarters and wheelhouse located aft, with double bottom, with bulbous bow and transom stern, with excess freeboard.
Vessel's deadweight of is of 6490 tons (loadline draught is of 8.144 m). Gross tonnage is 10676. Net tonnage is 5842.
Service speed is of 14.5 knots while main engine's (low-speed diesel) MDC is of 4416 kWt.
Steering complex consists of fixed-pitch propeller and streamlined semibalanced rudder. Bow thruster "screw in a pipe" is foreseen for improvement of controllability at low speeds, at passing narrow waters and at moorings. Four diesel-generators with capacity of 404 kWt each are mounted aft for providing of electricity for water-desalinating plant system and ventilation of cargo decks.
Crew consists of 26 persons (actually vessel's crew) and 14 persons for livestock service ("cowboys"). Two life boats with 46 person capacity of each and two inflatable life rafts are installed.
Favourable conditions for safe and secure cattle transportation are createdonboard the vessel including sufficient for 2 meals a day quantity of feed and supply sufficient quantity of drinking water, and also special systems for automatic feeding and fresh water, rejections and flows remove, livestock compartments ventilation.
Loading and unloading of livestock is implemented through side doors with removable outboard inclined gangways. Vessel's loading begins from lower decks towards upper decks. Silo loading begins after livestock loading. Unloading proceeds inversely, from upper decks towards lower decks.
Summarized area of nine cargo decks is of 8267 sq.m.
Transportable quantity of livestock is of 5701 units of cattle (mid weight is of 400 kg) or 4792 units of cattle (mid weight is of 500 kg). Feed bunker capacity for silo is of 1082 cub.m.
Capability of water-desalinating plant (for livestock drinking water) is of 120 cub.m per day.