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24.05.11 12:35
Second shallow-draught support tug "Orion" of TG05 project was launched for OMS Shipping

On April 15, 2011 second shallow-draught multi-purpose tug "Orion" of TG05 project with capacity of 1600 kWt for northern part of Caspian Sea was launched at Nanjing East Star Shipyard (Jiangsu province, China).
Customer is OMS Shipping company (Sergey Vorozhejkin is a general director). Company established fleet of special vessels to provide sea operations in Kazakh region of Caspian Sea.
TG05 prj. is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
Vessel is shallow-draught sea transporting tug assigned for towing in open sea conditions, in port or in roadstead conditions. Tug is fitted for extinguishing of fires on other ships, self-floating and coast structures. Ability of cargoes transportation with weight not more 23 t is provided on weather deck.
TG05 project vessel's principal dimensions are as follows: overall length is of 30.72 m, length between perpendiculars is of 26.80 m, overall breadth is of 11.55 m, calculated breadth is of 10.60 m, depth is of 4.50 m. Draught is of 2.50 - 2.90 m with subject to supply quantity.
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation of the project is of KM Ice2 RI AUT3-C FF3WS Tug.
Two medium-speed diesel engines with maximal continuous power of 800 kWt each provide bollard pull of 20 t while towing and service speed (without towing) not less than 10 knots.
Two controllable pitch propellers (CPP) with diameter is of 1.9 m in turnable welded nozzles (with stabilizers) ensure certified speed and controllability of vessel. They are installed in aft part of vessel. Nozzles' turning is implemented from wheelhouse from navigational console and also from emergency one arranged at steering gear room. Each rotary nozzle is served by rotary electric-hydraulic steering engine with rotation moment of 70 kNm each.
The bow thruster of the "screw in pipe" type with fixed-pitch propeller (FPP) of 800 mm diameter with drive power 200 kWt is installed in fore part of vessel.
Auxiliary plant consists of single 130 kWt diesel-generator and two 250 kWt shaft-generators. Fuel is of diesel type (MDO).
Vessel's autonomy is 10 days due to fuel, oil and fresh water also due to sewage and oily water. Sailing range is about 2400 nautical miles.
Tugs' operation is possible in sea regions specified as region R1 (3% probability wave height of 8.5 m, distance from shelter place not more than 200 miles and allowable distance between shelter places not more than 400 miles). Operation conditions are as follows: in freezing seas round the year, in fine-broken rarefied ice of the non-Arctic seas (regular independent sailing in rare ice brush with thickness up to 0.55 m at speed of 5 knots and and behind the icebreaker through ice-field with thickness up to 50 cm with speed of 3 kn.
An automatic hydraulic towing winch with nominal pulling force 200 Kn is foreseen on main deck for towing operations. Combined mooring-anchor winch is arranged in the fore part of the vessel; nominal towing pool on drum is not less than 40 kN.
The cargo hydraulic crane (maximal carrying capacity of 27.5 t) is installed on main deck PS.
Vessels will be equipped with special water/foam fire-extinguishing system assigned for fire extinguishing on platforms and other vessels. Two combined fire nozzles with capacity of 216 cub.m per hour each and range not less than 80 m are installed on wheelhouse top. Water-screen system is installed for vessel's protection against thermal influence of burning objects.
Shipbuilding steel of RSD and RSB grades with yield strength of 235 MPa is used as a material for main hull structures.
Vessel's hull is set up by transverse framing system. Transversal frame spacing is of 600 mm and on sides it is of 300 mm. Web frames are located in a distance of two or three frames (1200 and 1800 mm). Floors are located on each frame. Designed duration of vessel's hull life is of 24 years.
4 single cabins with lavatory and shower, and 3 double cabins with lavatory and shower for accommodation of the crew (8 persons plus 2 cadets) are foreseen. Total number of places is of 10.
Keel of the lead vessel of TG05 project "Phoenix" was laid down on 20.10.10. She was launched on 30.03.11.
Keel of the second vessel of TG05 project "Orion" was laid down on 25.10.10.
Keel of the third vessel of TG05 project was laid down on 30.10.10.